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I did a thing I've never done tonight.

I gave a guy at a bar my number. I host trivia at the same bar every Tuesday night, and the bartender is the kind of awkwardish-looking that I find absolutely irresistible. I've had a crush on him since starting there, despite very limited interaction. Every once in a while he walks by my table and takes a guess at a question. Tonight it was really slow, so I had a chance to chat with him between rounds for just a bit. He's funny. I like him more now.

So, on my way out, I slipped him my number. Like a desperate hussy! The best part is that the only paper I had on me was a bridge pickup slip. He'll probably be like WTF is this thing? But anyway the bar was slammed by the time I was leaving, so he won't have a chance to get in touch for a while, if he decides he's going to.

I texted my bridge partner, Joe, and told him what I'd done. He's been in the bar biz for like 15 years and he told me that I probably made the guy's night, but he won't call. He says bartenders know better than to pick up customers. I reminded him that I am not a customer. But it could still be weird. Anyway all I really want is to make out with him in the back room for a few minutes, then I'll feel better. But Joe seems to think that's unlikely to happen. FINE.

I guess I'll just have to settle for making out with my perfect boyfriend, who is perfect. So perfect he wouldn't even mind if I picked up a bartender every once in a while.
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