Feb. 20th, 2017

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Today is my niece Bess's 5th birthday. So much in my life and in the world has changed in 5 years; it makes it seem like Bess has always been here. But at the same time, I think, wow, my baby niece is 5!

There were things I really thought would be different about the world when you turned five. You're at the age where your memories will last you into adulthood, and I really hoped your early memories would be of growing up in a progressive era. Born under the first black president, growing up under the first female president. You wouldn't have to look hard to find great role models for anything you want to be. Instead, we've unleashed some of the worst of our country, and I'm sorry you're seeing it now. We should've been past this long before you were born; you should never have to see someone who allegedly represents you on a podium, speaking to the whole world, and saying such disgusting things. I know it doesn't really matter a lot to you now, but I'm still sad that your childhood will have this in it. I'm confident, though, that you still have plenty of places to look for your role models, and you will find the good ones.

Bess, you still have those big inquisitive eyes and long, thick eyelashes you were born with. When you are an adult, you may harness them to launch 1000 ships. Right now, they work in your favor more than you know. You do have that "look at me, I'm so sweet" pose down. You're just being silly when you do it, but one day you will learn to really harness the power. Please use it for good.

You may not like that you're still the baby, even though you're growing up. But as a 33-year-old baby, I can tell you that it's worth embracing. I love you, baby girl.


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