Apr. 10th, 2017

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Hi! So, I'm here now. It was past time to leave LJ, and I hope now that I don't have any conflicts about the host site, I'll be more frequent in my posts again. Those who followed me at LJ know that I can be a prolific journaler. Whether it's interesting or not...I make no promises. But my grammar will always be correct.

I'm in Charlottesville for the week, spending time with some hometown folks, but mostly Emily and Baby Trevor. He's almost 4 months old now, and he's as cute as can be. He's got much more personality and bulk than he had when I met him at 3 weeks old, but it's still a bit early to say what kind of person he's gonna be. I'm excited about the kind of parents Em and Chris are and will be, though. Em told me I had to help teach him how to treat women and the people he will date. I'm honored to take on that responsibility, but glad I have some time yet to come up with my lesson plans. I told her for now I think the most important thing is teaching him about bodily autonomy. As he grows into his free will, letting him decide when he wants to be hugged or give hugs, things like that. Show the respect we want him to show for others, starting from the beginning. She's already on board with that, and I think she's got all the right ideas about how to raise her kid. She's not going to need me to be a leader in any of these aspects, but I'm happy to reinforce whatever she teaches, and also to be another resource for when Mom and Dad don't make sense, or he just needs an outside opinion. And of course if he wants to learn bridge...

Speaking of bridge, things have been going great with Toby's game. We've played a lot of the mentor games, and we've done pretty well there, but the field of competition is not exactly top notch. Toby is still at the point in his game where he'll get trounced by "real" players, but he's ready to at least start competing in bigger games. We're going to a sectional in Seaside the weekend after we both get home. He's in Hawaii while I'm in Virginia. We miss each other, but mostly miss the cat. We can text each other.

I spent the afternoon today walking around the Downtown Mall with Emily and Trevor. It's weird how trendy and boutiquey Charlottesville has become. It was headed that direction when I was here in my 20's, but it feels like it's really doubled down in the last few years. I guess if you can't live in the PNW, it's an alright place to be.
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I moved to Dreamwidth. I'm going to post more there. Most of the reason I've posted so little here is because I've been uncomfortable with the whole Russia bullshit, and now with the new TOS, fuck it. I'm out.

Same username there. Let's keep in touch :)


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