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Toby: I haven't ever seen much about the Paralympics. Do all the competitors have similar equipment?
Meg: Well they don't all have the same disabilities, but I don't think there are any races where one guy's in a wheelchair and another guy's running on a pegleg.
Toby: There should be, though.
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I have some things to say about the Ray Rice/NFL story. Don't really know where to put these thoughts, so I'll put them here.

There is a big to-do over all the various facts and theories involved in this case. For those not following, here's a drive-by roundup:

Early this year, video emerged of Ravens player Ray Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of an elevator, and it soon came out that she was unconscious because he hit her inside the elevator. The NFL handed down a 2-game suspension, which was met with outrage over the leniency of such. The league since instituted much harsher penalty for domestic violence. Shortly after this new policy was announced, the video from inside the elevator went public via TMZ. That's the video where you can actually see Rice hitting his girlfriend (now wife). The NFL suspended him indefinitely and the Ravens released him. His endorsement deals were dropped and a new scandal ensued -- the NFL claimed not to have seen the video of the actual assault until now. Anonymous sources say that's a lie and part of a coverup. Controversy escalates, and that's where we are now.

My thinking is, what the fuck does it matter if the NFL saw the elevator video before or not? Everyone knew what had happened. Rice admitted hitting her and knocking her out. The video isn't some smoking gun -- it's merely confirmation of what everyone already knew. So why take further action now, as if this is some kind of major twist?

I'm not saying the league should have just stuck with the two-game suspension and moved on -- I am fully encamped with those who say that was way too lenient. But what I am saying is this video should not be the game-changer here. It didn't change anything. It's not a surprise, it's not new news, it's not proof of something anyone was denying. But now the NFL has this huge PR crisis over a coverup, and I just don't understand why they would have covered this up anyway. Whether anyone saw that video before or not (and I believe they did, fwiw) DOES NOT MATTER. The facts of the incident are the same. Domestic violence isn't somehow less awful if we just don't see it. Fuck that attitude. Shame on anyone who thinks this video makes it "worse." It is what it is and always has been, and it's been awful from the start. 
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So this Tim Howard meme going around...the idea that he can save anything...it's cute, I guess, but isn't the US out of the World Cup because he DIDN'T save enough? I mean...?

Don't explain it to me. I don't care.
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I took what I felt at the time was a very necessary 3-hour nap this afternoon.  But now that it's midnight, I'm wide awake, so I think what really happened is that I just got an advance on tonight's sleep, and now I won't be able to snooze for a few more hours.  Oh well...I watched all the Olympic excitement tonight, and it was exciting even though I already knew all the outcomes.  I just wish they'd fucking broadcast it live, or at least stream it live on the internet or something.  Also, I'm over Bob Costas.  

Shantytowne photos have started appearing on Facebook and other places, and it fills me with joy.  It also makes me wish that Andrea would follow me around and take photos of me all the time, because she gets such good ones.  

I did pushups today for the first time in over two years.  I've tried a few before, but always had to stop after one or two because my wrist just couldn't take it.  My wrist FELT it today, but it's no worse now that I've done three sets of 10, so I'm thinking that the pain is more from weakness than leftover injury at this point.  I'm going to keep doing a few pushups each day and try to build strength slowly.  Then I'll go back to the 100 Pushups program eventually...maybe :)


Feb. 18th, 2012 10:58 am
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So Jeremy Lin might be the greatest Cinderella story in sports since Rudy, and that's awesome.  He seems like a really down-to-earth, likable dude, and he's definitely been playing lights out.  It's exciting.  Because he seems like a good guy, I really hope that this is just the beginning of an amazing career for him.

But how awesome would it be, too, if the Linsanity ends as abruptly as it started?  He'd have this two-week period of absolute greatness, but people two or three years down the road wouldn't remember his name.  I mean...that'd be sad for him and so I don't WANT that.  I just love the idea that he has this burst of awesomeness where everyone in New York buys a #17 Knicks jersey and then a year from now hipsters are the only ones wearing them because of the ironic fashion statement.  

I'm just going to go on record and say that I suspect he will have a strong career, but I doubt he'll ever be a top tier player.  He'll probably be a starting point guard for a good chunk of his career, get lots of assists and probably average a respectable PPG -- I'd guess 11-14 or so.  But that makes for a boring story, so here's hoping Linsanity lasts.  
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Trigger warning for sex abuse discussion.

Sports fan or no, you're probably sick of hearing about the Penn State scandal.  (Would you rather still be talking about Kim Kardashian?)  Anyway, it's been talked to death, but I still feel like a lot has been left unsaid.  And I just wanted to weigh in.

JoePa's PSU coaching career spanned six decades.  He brought the school championships and glory and everybody loved him.  He is certainly one of the most accomplished and beloved men in college football.  As a diehard Virginia Tech fan, I understand how difficult the recent news must be for all of his fans, and I get why they're outraged and rioting in State College.  But I think -- know -- that they're missing the point.

In sports, we place our hearts in the hands of people we don't know.  They're public figures, so we feel like we know them, and the love we have for them is real and strong.  And it can be damn near impossible to believe anything bad about those icons.  I know that if it were Frank Beamer in this position, I would be devastated and heartbroken.  But not because a man I love and revere is being run out of his job in shame -- it would be because I was wrong about who I thought he was.  That's a bitter pill to swallow, and many PSU fans aren't choking it down.  It's easy to rationalize and say JoePa is a scapegoat; that he did what was required of him by law and told his superior, and that he wasn't part of a coverup.  But wasn't he?

Sure, he told.  But when you find out about a violent crime, you don't just tell someone else and wash your hands of it.  You don't brush it under the rug and let bygones be bygones -- because these things aren't just one-time things.  And when someone you know to be a violent criminal isn't put in jail, or even on trial?  You haven't fulfilled your duty to the victims, and you're putting others in danger.  And that's exactly what happened here.  By doing only the bare minimum, JoePa and other PSU officials who were in the know allowed a violent criminal to continue his violent crimes.  For Paterno to say "I wish I had done more" must feel like salt in the wounds of the victims.  Why does he say that now, only after he's been implicated in the coverup?  Why not any time in the last nine years that he's known about the sexual abuse?  Yeah, it's a shame that this beloved football coach is falling from grace, but what about the victims?  The sympathies of this nation are woefully misprioritized.  So many people are rallying in support of JoePa, but what does that rallying cry say to the victims?  The ones that may never have been victims in the first place if Paterno had spoken up?  

I have heard some people make that argument, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  But I haven't heard a single thing about something I feel is very closely connected -- there is a definite trend of sex crimes by athletes against women, and it's never really news.  Not that I feel sex crimes should ever be news, but the thing is, rape is way too common in the sports culture.  And a LOT of it is covered up.  An unfortunately large number of women I know have shared stories of being bullied by their school administrators not to pursue police involvement in sexual assault cases, often by football players, though I hate to generalize and make it look like I'm saying "football players are rapists!"  I just think that when sports heroes do commit crimes, their schools have a strong interest in making the stories disappear.  The latest news story is sensational because it involves big names and a twisted scandal -- serial rape of little boys -- but the sexual crimes against women are no less horrifying, and the coverups are certainly just as huge a problem.  

Anyway, I agree with the decision to fire Joe Paterno and the PSU president.  I have no idea why Mice McQueary (the coach who witnessed the rape taking place and reported it to Paterno) wasn't also immediately fired, though it looks like he will be, too.  I understand why it's hard for PSU fans to agree, but I hope that as the truth of the past few weeks (and years) begins to sink in, that everyone will understand that their pain is nothing compared to that of the victims, and that this was the right decision.
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I have new running shoes. I'm trying Nike Frees, because SURPRISE, they once again discontinued the style I really love. Ever since I started running, I've worn very thick-soled shoes with lots of support. These were recommended to me by an experienced runner, partly based on the fragility of my once-horribly-broken foot. The Frees are very lightweight and flexible, much more like running barefoot. It's amazing how different it feels -- not just in my feet, but all of my muscles. It's like a completely different workout. I ran a mile, but didn't feel great about doing a significant distance in my first outing with them, so after that I hopped on the bike for a half hour.

This week, I've gotten to the gym every day. I've done a few runs, a little bit of biking, and two stairmaster workouts. The stairmaster is hard! But I like it. The guy I'm here with this week is really disciplined with his fitness (and diet), so I've been more motivated to work out. I'd like to make it a regular habit when I'm on the road, but it's not easy -- we get up before 6, leave for work before 7, and are often scheduled until late in the day (5 or 6 is normal, but 8 or 9 is not unheard of). That means I ideally get to sleep by 8 or 9...so where is the time to work out? I have to squeeze it in where I can -- squats and planks in the morning before my shower, cardio at the gym as soon as my dinner settles enough, then immediately to bed. I got to do more today since I got off work early, and I'm grateful because I doubt I'll still be awake at 8pm tonight.

My coworkers are all really big sports fans, too. It's what we spend most of our time talking about, and I'm more into the whole scene as a result. And I guess it's a good time to reignite my Diamondbacks fandom. Six-game losing streak notwithstanding, they are still leading their division. And they've won their last two, despite making a questionable trade last night. Meh. I'm also paying attention to the NFL and of course the Miami controversy. I'm so excited for football season to start!


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