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Last night while I was playing bridge online, a friend fb messaged me and asked if I wanted to hear a funny McKenzie story. I said "No, and thanks for checking with me first." I've just had a lot going on that has my Z-related anger pretty close to the surface, and didn't want to have my mind on him at all. But then the friend goes, "Well, it's not really about him at all. I wanna tell it." And then he tells the story. I reacted exactly as I thought I would -- some anger bubbled up and I had some word vomit about it, and then I kind of shut down. I really wasn't interested in that conversation. Friend keeps talking. I respond sparingly. Eventually I tell him I'm going to go to bed. He's like "OK, but you should think about messaging me sometime. It sucks that I'm the only one who ever starts conversations."

First of all, not true. I do message this friend from time to time. Second of all, thanks for the guilt trip right after you made me feel like shit. I think I won't be messaging you any time soon.

I met up with my friend Dan for happy hour last night. (Not my ex Dan.) He's possibly getting divorced, so I reached out to him thinking he might need a friend, and I missed him 'cause it had been a while. He's actually doing really well. He says the emotional fuckery of the split with his wife was only really bad for a couple of months, but he's not really hurting anymore, and he's so much happier. He seemed to be telling the truth about that. Having been through this myself, I know that it comes and goes -- I got teary talking about my own divorce with him last night, and it's been over two years. But for now, Dan's doing well and I'm happy for him. He has a pregnant cat at home, and I'm very eager to meet the baby kittens. They are expected within a week or so.

On Sunday, I'm flying to SLC to play bridge with Zac on a team with Max and Dee at the regional there. It's Zac's first tournament ever, and one of my first since my big hiatus, so we're all very excited. I should be able to see my friend Veronica while I'm there, too. I have no idea why so many great people choose to live in a state like Utah, but they're the only reason I'm excited to go there. And the bridge, I guess. My understanding is that this is a pretty tiny tournament, so even though Zac and Dee combine for maybe just a couple hundred masterpoints, we'll probably be in Bracket I all week. Well, I hope we win it all. Why not?

I lost another 1.6 pounds this week, for a total of 6 pounds in three weeks. That's pretty good, but now I'm all kinds of anxious about keeping up with the program while I'm in Utah...I'll probably be largely sedentary and won't have a lot of food options...but in any case, I probably won't gain back all 6 pounds...fingers crossed I have the energy and opportunity to get some exercise, at least.


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