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Mixed results in the first few sessions with the team -- Zac is my partner, Max and Dee at the other table. Zac seems to be loving his first tournament and I don't think he's really gunning for all the wins or anything, but I still wanted to have something good to show for our time here; something to get him excited about playing more. We started a new KO this afternoon and won both our sessions, so we're officially in the PENIS (aka semifinals), and we'll have a nice masterpoint haul no matter how we finish the event. So that's exciting! Zac's first pigmented points are gold! That's kind of rare.

After the session, we were talking with Bruce Ferguson, an older pro who's been around forever and is just a really cool guy. He told Zac that I am "the most erotic, exotic, perfect woman there is." I mean, not *entirely* what I'm going for at the bridge table (erotic?), but I accept this compliment.

My least favorite person in the entire world is here this week, too, unfortunately, but he's had the good sense not to try to speak to me, and he's playing pairs all week, so I won't ever play against him.

People here have been super nice and I'm really glad that we chose this tournament to be Zac's debut. It's a gentle introduction, and we're still playing pretty high-level competition. I've really missed traveling for regionals. But I also really miss my Toby and my kitten.


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