May. 8th, 2017

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I was so lazy this morning and afternoon -- I got out of bed around 1 to have some lunch, then got back in bed until like 3:30. I just couldn't muster an ounce of energy. It's supposed to be a running day, but that was not going to happen. I had plans to meet my friend Eric at 6:30 for a walk in the park near my house, so I knew I'd do SOME moving, but I didn't feel like trading a 5-mile run for a little stroll was something I could feel good about. So I finally pulled myself out of bed and got on my bike. I didn't have any errands to run, so I decided to bike to the gym. It's about a 4-mile ride, nothing too challenging. So I get there and then I'm like, well, what can I do here that won't make my ride home awful? So I did some arm stuff and then got on an elliptical for a while to play some bridge. I biked over to pita pit to grab dinner before meeting Eric, and he texted me while I was there that he was done early, so he came and met me. We decided since we were both there already, we'd just walk through the central Beaverton neighborhood. We meandered for a while, and eventually found ourselves at Josh & Mary's street, so we meandered up to their front door and said hi.

They informed me that Gwen had announced today that I am her favorite person. That's pretty exciting for me! I'm a big fan of hers, too.

We stayed to play a game of Dixit, then headed out so that I could beat the sunset home on my bike. Made it just in time. So after being a lazy fucker until almost 4pm, I did spend the next 5 hours being moderately active the whole time, so I guess I salvaged my self-respect for the day.


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