May. 29th, 2017

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Tomorrow is my not-date with Diego. That's bartender guy. It's not his real name, but he said if I ever wrote about him in my blog, that's what I should call him. Alright then. He wanted me to take complete control of the plans, which is nice, but also a lot of pressure. I'd decided on SUP and food carts, but then the forecast shat on me. It's been 80s and clear all weekend, and all next week will be, too, except for tomorrow, when it'll be 60 and rainy. Goddammit.

We have all day together. We're meeting at 10am. I checked the forecast for the whole area, and the rain is everywhere within driving distance, so hikes and other outdoor activities are not ideal. I picked something for us to do that I'm pretty excited about, but I'm also just really nervous having the whole day in my hands. And disappointed that it'll be chilly because the outfit I'd planned was for hot weather. I am putting way too much thought into this. But I can't help it because I am smitten and even though that's going nowhere, I still want to make the very best impression, you know?

Which leads us to music. I haven't bothered to put all my music in the same place in a long time. I've curated a decent playlist of mostly top 40 songs for trivia nights from Amazon music, but they don't have any of my really favorite stuff. I had a lot of that stuff on my Zune, but now that I no longer pay the subscription fee, they won't let me access that; even the stuff I fucking paid for. Fuck you, Microsoft. And now I'm all bummed that my playlist won't be just so. Holy shit, I need to chill.


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