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Whenever I have a serious discussion with Toby about our future, I get very emotional and end up crying. I'm honestly not sure what the emotions are that are causing it. I'm really excited about our future. I think it comes from a place of being really grateful for him. But it's strange how it happens and I'm still not really sure why. Usually I know why I'm crying, you know?

Anyway, we've been working hard on our household lately. Lots of cleaning, prepping, and planning. We spent a lot of time today talking about what the near future looks like, and what we want to do with the house and what our plans are for one day having another house. I've got the downstairs craft area mostly tidied up and organized -- it's seriously nothing short of miraculous how much better it's looking these days! But the big project will be dealing with all the random STUFF in our bedroom. It's all got to be moved out for painting and carpeting, which is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. It's a tall order, but we'll get through it somehow. And then maybe the house will feel more grown up when we're done. We're also looking into hiring a cleaning service. I've been wanting to do that for a while.

We're also spending some time doing crafty things. We're both in the process of making items for Baby Trevor (Emily & Chris's son, due in early December). I've picked up my crochet stuff again and am trying to learn some new tricks, and Toby is a knitter. I finished a blanket last week, and now I'm moving onto a hat. Then I have a few things for myself in mind after that. We stumbled onto the Art in the Pearl festival today when we were downtown, and ended up doing a printmaking demo there. That was super fun and super easy -- we ended up ordering some materials so we can do more of it at home, and we also picked out a class to take together at the studio. I love crafty stuff -- maybe taking a real class will help me get past "total amateur" status in at least one discipline. I know myself, and how my interests wax and wane, so I'm not going to invest heavily in this new thing -- luckily the supplies are minimal and cheap, so I think it'll be a fun thing to just have around and play with sometimes. It'll be fun to try with some kids, too.

Anyway, that's what's up. Happy September, y'all.
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Last night I had my regular therapy session, followed by therapy round 2 at Josh & Mary's. Josh and Mary listened to me bitch and moan about my problems (thanks, guys!) and let me hold their baby for a while, which is exactly the kind of therapy I needed. I love that little girl. And her skin is so soft, I just wanted to give her all of the kisses all of the time.

Work this week has been good -- when I'm in emotional turmoil, I tend to be more productive at my desk for some reason. So I stayed on top of everything as it came in, and was rarely busy. I've played a lot of BBO this week, and I have felt zero guilties about it because all my work is done, for serious. I even did some real estate work from here at my insurance office, too.

It doesn't look like my aunt will be able to make it anytime soon -- she has company for the next couple of weeks, and she's taking her own real estate exam right after they leave. She said she would try to come in late February. I guess knowing she's not going to come right now could be another way to get myself going. Okay, she's not going to come reboot your life; do it yourself. I'm feeling somewhat motivated, anyway. I have productive and healthy plans for the weekend, and I'm kicking around ideas for how I will spend some of my free time next week. I'm thinking of starting a weekly or bi-monthly craft night at my house. If people came over specifically to do crafts, I'd be more likely to use all my craft stuff, too. I really should do that. Tuesday nights, anyone?

My fish are still going strong. I'm going to swing by the aquarium place in Beaverton on my way home tonight and pick up some more stuff for the tank. Watching them is really great meditation. I'm glad they're surviving, and appear to be doing well. The magnitude of the bigness that is the deal that I have live fish in there cannot be overstated. I'm really pleased.
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I use a lot of lotion, but today I used a patchouli one that I haven't used in a while. The scent doesn't seem strong to me, but I've gotten two unsolicited reactions. From Z, "You smell kinda nice." Kinda thank you? And when a coworker walked in, he stopped at the door and said "It smells like hippies in here." Okay then.

I made a skirt! I finished it in sewing class last night, but not without several ridiculous hiccups along the way. Still, I did it :) We are supposed to cut our next pattern at home before class next week, so I'll be unsupervised as I start project #2. That's a little scary, but I think I can do it. I thought I might be ready to take on some project attempts on my own, but after last night's class, it occurs to me that I still need a lot of guidance. Maybe I'll try to make a bag or something, though. If you've got simple sewing ideas for me to take on, I'm open to suggestions. So far I'm only working with woven fabrics -- no knits.
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Sewing class was super fun! I don't think I'm going to totally suck. My back is going to totally hurt, though. Last night we went over all the basic supplies and terminology, and then we measured ourselves and cut out our patterns. No sewing yet, but I did learn a lot already, and I'm looking forward to the next class. There are just three students in this one, and the instructor is a friend of mine, so it's very laid back and I get plenty of guidance. Elizabeth (the instructor) cracked up when she saw the fabric I'd brought for the first project -- it's a cute whale print that she'd also bought to make diaper covers for her baby. Well, my tush and her baby's tush are going to match nicely.

I think when we move on to using the machines, I'll be sitting down more and my back won't be as strained, but all the measuring and pinning and pressing and cutting last night was very back-ouchie. Funny, BodyPump, RPM, running a race -- all these things were fine. How is my back injury aggravated? Sewing class. I'll mention it to my PT tomorrow. "You know, athletics are going great, but what I'd really like is to get in shape for sewing."
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So when I signed up for the sewing class, the registration form was all "click here for class supply list," and I clicked there, and there was no list, so I was just like cool, it's all provided. But then I thought about it a little more and I was like y'know, I really doubt this is all provided. So last night I went poking around the site a little more and found a supply list behind a link that in no way indicates it is a supply list. Good thing I did, because in addition to a buttload of supplies, I'm supposed to bring my own sewing machine. Which I don't own.

Luckily, I posted to Facebook and a neighbor totally rescued me -- she has one she's been trying to get rid of and just gave it to me this morning. Sweet! Well, probably sweet. Possibly a shitty deal if it doesn't work. But she says it does, and this is way better than buying one because I'm too much of an idiot to check more carefully about supplies until the day before class. I went to real estate meetings all morning and then spent an insane amount of time at Jo-Ann just trying to figure out what a lot of these required supplies are, and where to find them, etc. But the employees there were super helpful, and on top of finding everything for me, they hooked me up with extra coupons and I got 40% off everything. I had a 20% off coupon, but apparently you can double those up, and there was one on the website, too...

In addition to buying supplies, I'm supposed to pre-wash and press the fabric I picked out, so that really cuts into my whole nap-all-afternoon plan. But I'm home and relaxing while the wash goes, and I'll squeeze in a power nap once I move the fabric over to the dryer. Shouldn't take long since I'm washing two whole yards of cloth and nothing else. I'm excited about class, though! 
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I think one of the main motivations for me to become a successful realtor is to have enough money to pay someone else to clean my house regularly. Because, omg.

I have an Airbnb guest for the week coming this afternoon, so I figured I'd need to do some cleaning in the rooms he'll use. I washed sheets, changed the linens, vacuumed the bedroom...all that was fine and dandy and took not a terribly long time, so it's all good. Then I got to the bathroom. I figured a little cleanser on the surfaces and fresh towels and I'd be all set there...an hour and a bucket of sweat later, I am content that it is suitable for guests. It wasn't a disaster by any means before I got to it, just little spots and whatnot kind of everywhere, and once I started cleaning, I had to really get at the whole thing to make it evenly spic and span. I was down on my hands and knees, wiping sweat off my face with my forearm while holding cleaning rags and looking disheveled, just like some infomercial character.

But now the guest spaces in my house are super clean and ready to be messed up by someone new. My room, however...let's not talk about that.

I feel accomplished...but I'm a long way from having a tidy home. I just don't think that's ever going to be something I can manage on my own. So I just have to get rich enough to throw some money at the problem.

I've been doing a lot of duct tape crafting lately, too. Turns out I don't suck at it...well, not entirely, anyway. It's crazy how much working with tape fucks up your skin, though. My hands are ridiculously torn up. Can't really wear gloves, though...I'm sure I'd end up sticking myself together straitjacket style.

Anyway I should get up and shower so I am personally clean enough to host a visitor. I'm picking him up in an hour or so, I think?
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So, I finally set up the etsy store I've been intending to open forever and ever. The photos aren't great, and this is all just the beginning of my bead stuff -- hopefully I'll get into more complicated stuff soon and have some really appealing things in there, but I figured I'd go ahead and get the shop open and see if I get any bites on what I already have done. I like my stuff, anyway! Some of my favorite pieces aren't listed because I have no intention of selling them :)

But here's the link -- you can see what I've been doing with my spare time ever since I took those beading classes :)
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My eyes and head feel fine today, thanks for the concern. I think I may have an idea of what triggered yesterday's episode, perhaps...

Over the weekend, I attended two craft classes at Let It Bead in downtown Portland. It was awesome and totally reignited my interest in jewelry making. The past few nights, I've been practicing some of the trickier stuff I learned to do with wire, which involves some pretty tiny detail. I think just focusing on that stuff for hours at a time put a lot of strain on my eyes that they weren't used to. I definitely felt my vision coming and going a lot as I stayed up and worked with that wire. But I imagine it'll get better as it becomes more routine for me, and maybe it's something simple reading glasses can help. I finished my first complete wire-beaded necklace last night, and while it's basic and sloppy, I'm super proud of it and happy that I'm learning this new skill. I haven't decided if my crafts will come with me to Falcon Ridge. Probably not, but we'll see what kind of room I have in my suitcase after I pack tonight.

I got upgraded for my flight (Porland to Newark), so that'll be sweet. I set my alarm for 3:50am...that'll give me more than enough time to get my shit together and to the gate for my 6am departure. Since I'm in first class, I should be able to sleep pretty soundly for most of the flight. Here's hoping!

I'll be at Falcon Ridge tomorrow, y'all!!!! There are not enough exclamation marks in the world!


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