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I've been enjoying getting to know bartender guy over text. I kind of adore him. But he's monogamous and I'm not about to get in there and fuck that shit up. Still, it's fun to have a crush and get to know the guy. I am hoping the crush subsides, though, or it could be frustrating. Toby's up to speed on all of this. He's understanding and cool. It'd be hard for me to see him crushing on someone like I am, but I'm glad things are cool as they are.

I heard my Airbnb guest say the name of my listing on the phone just now, and I'm worried she's calling in a complaint or something. I've had a couple of complaints from recent guests that struck me as total bullshit. One was pissed I didn't have a TV (the listing says I don't!) and one complained that there wasn't a lamp in the room (there are two in the closet; she just didn't look, and called Airbnb instead of just fucking asking me). Look, I charge $40 a night. You don't get the fucking Ritz-Carlton. It's a small room in a small house in an out-of-the-way neighborhood. You can use the kitchen and the laundry and everything will be clean if not tidy. I just hate when I get bad reviews based on the expectation that their $40/night is buying them some premium service. That's not how this works and those bad reviews cost me bookings :( My reviews are mostly really good, but the bad ones sting. I can't help but take it a little personally. And every time I get a new review, I'm really nervous to read it. Sigh. I really look forward to moving so I can just rent this place out long-term and have passive income. But that'll probably be a while...

I was over at Josh & Mary's house this evening. I played with Gwen and got some love and snuggles from her, then played board games for a bit. I asked them if they were going to use Dreamwidth -- both are infrequent but still active LJers. Sounded like probably not, but that's okay. It's not what it used to be. I'm not sure if anyone at all is reading me here, but it's important to me to keep going, anyway, for my own sake. We talked about how we probably wouldn't know each other if not for LJ -- it's not a nonzero chance, because we DO have mutual friends who are friends with each other (them from college, me from bridge), but certainly wouldn't know each other on the level we do now. And how different my life would be! They are my closest friends, and the two people outside of my immediate family whom I know I could count on the most should I need emergency help of any kind. They're also 90% of my platonic social life. And their kid is my niece. My life would be unrecognizable without them. Thanks, LJ.
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