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I have clients who want to look at a property in Gresham today. Just one property. Gresham is over an hour from my place. But this is my job and I'm happy to do it, so I drive out to Gresham. And I get there and...the house is inaccessible. There's a key in the lockbox but it only works on the exterior garage door. Some previous Realtor has locked the interior door, and there is no key for that. So you can't get into the house at all. I called the listing agent, thinking maybe he would be able to rush over and do something about it. He told me that he was aware of the problem and had tried to get in yesterday, but couldn't. He'd called a locksmith but it might be a few days.

Me: Okay, well you should probably put a note in the RMLS so people don't waste their time coming here when they can't get in. My clients and I drove a long way.
Him: You know these things happen.
Me: Sure, but you're aware of the problem and it would be easy for you to put a note for other Realtors.
Him: Whatever.

Um, dude? Fuck you. I left Taborgrass shortly after 11:30, got to the house to show it a little before 1, had that conversation, and now I've just gotten home at 2pm. 2.5 hours of my time completely wasted because you're a lazy bunghole.

By far the worst part of this job is depending on other Realtors to do their jobs well. Because it's pretty rare.
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I've been going to my parents' gym since I've been in Charlottesville. It's a really expensive club and the people who go there are mostly soccer mom types who wear designer gear.

So the weight machines all have this big orange sticker on them that says "ALLOW OTHER MEMBERS TO USE THIS MACHINE WHILE YOU REST BETWEEN SETS." This is policy at most gyms, and it's common courtesy that most people follow, but not only is it policy at this gym, it's spelled out really clearly on every machine. Anyway. The whore machines as I like to call them (the ones where you either spread your legs wide and then squeeze them together to lift a weight or start with them together and then spread them wide to lift the weight) are set up side by side. They work companion muscle groups. Almost everyone who uses them goes from one to the other, alternating, until they've completed their sets. I'm often going back and forth with another person doing this at the same time. Some people prefer to do all their sets on one machine before moving onto another, and that's fine, too, but you still should let people work in with you. You don't need to take your rest ON the actual machine.

The past two days in a row, I've been doing the whore machines, alternating between the two, and some woman has swooped in and taken the other one while I'm on the companion machine near the end of my 3 sets. Both times, I just had one set left to do, and the woman came in and jumped on the machine I needed for like 20 more seconds. Not a big deal, because sets don't take that long and I can wait and whatever. Here's how this went each of the last two days:

Me: (finishes set as other woman sits down on my next machine. wipes down machine and waits near the other one for my turn.)
Her: (does one set, sits there and doesn't move)
Me: Do you mind if I take one last set while you rest?
Her: Oh I only have a couple more then you can have it when I'm done.
Me: Okay...
Me, in my head: BITCH, I only had ONE more. And do you not see that big orange sign that tells you to let me fucking have my set?

Monday started the same:
Me: (finishes set as other woman sits down on my next machine. wipes down machine and waits near the other one for my turn.)
Her: (does one set, sits there and doesn't move)
Me: Do you mind if I take one last set while you rest?
Her: (rolls eyes, makes a big production of getting up, doesn't pull the release that resets the leg pads back to a human position, so that I have to mount the machine like a baby deer learning to walk)
Me: (gets on machine, does my set, resets the pads, gets up and quickly wipes sweat off the machine, smiles) Thanks!
Her: (rolls eyes and makes a big production of getting back on the machine and checking the weight pin even though I didn't move it from where she had it.)

Seriously, my set took no more than half a minute, you could've used the one next to me (that I'm sure you're moving to next anyway) instead of standing directly in front of me and staring at me disdainfully while I do the exercise that has just derailed your whole day.

I really hate people.

You guys are cool, though.
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The thing I hate second-most about violence is that Americans only seem to get mad when it happens to white people.

Violence of all kinds takes lives every day. Paris is shocking because it was a mass attack, but violence kills just as many people in separate instances, every single goddamn day.

This isn't grief policing. You're allowed to be shocked and upset about what happened in Paris, but in a week or two when it's not in the news anymore, please continue to give a shit.

Tangential rant, since I'm already on this point: why are the holidays the season of whatever-they're-supposed-to-be? Do you love your family more because it's December? Or is it just because all that pumpkin spice shit is in season?
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Today has been a godawful day. The straw that broke the camel's back was this motherfucker who dared to sass me over getting an adjuster's voice mail. THE NERVE OF THE ADJUSTER TO BE ON THE OTHER LINE DOING HIS JOB. GOD.

Not only was he a total prick, he told me that I provided terrible customer service.

Newsflash, asshole, you're not my customer. The guy you hit is my customer (kind of. Actually the insurance company is, if anyone, but really my job has nothing to do with customer service), and now you're the guy trying to get my company to pay you money. That's the opposite of a customer. Fuck you.
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Driving around Charlottesville last week with my brother and his friend Trevor, I needed to merge and the guy on my left slammed on his brakes to let me in, even though there was no one behind him. Trevor remarked, "Wow! It must be nice to be a cute girl..."

Yeah, the glass ceiling and rape culture and rampant misogyny in our culture are kind of a drag, but it's so worth it for the right-of-way in traffic!
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So this Tim Howard meme going around...the idea that he can save anything...it's cute, I guess, but isn't the US out of the World Cup because he DIDN'T save enough? I mean...?

Don't explain it to me. I don't care.
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I'm more or less over being upset about the trip getting canceled. It is nice to be at home, especially since I've been kinda sick the last few days. I know exactly why I'm sick, too. A bitchy opponent I had in Gatlinburg hacked and coughed for our whole match. Here's the thing about being sick at a bridge tournament: unless you wear a hazmat suit, you really shouldn't play when you are sick. Consider the fact that you are touching cards (and coughing into them) that hundreds of other people are going to touch. Consider the fact that most of these people are elderly with compromised immune systems. You're basically a murderer.

I know that people travel and have commitments with teams and all that and so it would be a huge pain to back out on account of a cough or cold, but if you're not going to stay home (or in your hotel or whatever) then you really need to take every imaginable step you can to keep your filthy germs to yourself.

Anyway. I stayed in bed most of the day yesterday, and it was lovely aside from the hacking cough, but I did go for a bike ride with McKenzie through the park in the evening when I felt like I needed to do SOMETHING so I wasn't a total sloth all day. It was a really beautiful day and a nice ride. If I'm feeling better, I'll ride to work one day this week.

I'm also hosting a gathering on my birthday, since I'm in town after all. The Facebook invite page is kinda wonky, so I'm sure I missed a bunch of people, but I'll put it out here now that it's open to anyone who wants to join. We'll hike at a TBD trail in the late morning/early afternoon, then hang out and play games at my place until whenever o'clock. Also Voodoo Doughnut.

Today I'm hanging out with Shanon and Jack in the morning, then maybe doing a little fitnessy something if I'm feeling up to it, and then it's back to work tomorrow. Might as well make some money since I'm here.
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I only work two days this week, today and tomorrow, and then Friday I fly to Santa Cruz. I am feeling a lot of feelings about this upcoming race. The biggest one is OMG CAN IT JUST BE DONE ALREADY?!, which is I imagine how I'm going to feel for most of the race itself. Here's the thing. I've put in the training and I know I can do it, so I'm not worried that I'll fail. I'm worried fairly certain that I'm going to hate it. I have never enjoyed running. I enjoy that I CAN run. I know I will enjoy the accomplishment and feel awesome about that. But in all my training, I have never found that love for the sport that so many runners boast. It's just not in me. The thing is...I don't love any fitness. Biking is probably my favorite, but working out in general is hard and not enjoyable. But I enjoy the rewards, and I intend to keep doing it forever. I just don't want to be one of those insufferable people who gushes about how much they love it, because I don't, and I know I'd feel a lot better about myself if other people were more honest about how much they hate working out, too. (Well, lots of people are, and they don't work out -- I'd like to hear from the ones who do work out but still hate it.) It sometimes feels a lot like a mom with post-partum depression. Everyone else is talking about what a blessing parenthood is while you're just drowning and feeling wretched about it. Obviously it's not that serious, but the point is so many people talk about how much they love to work out and I have to say I'm fucking jealous. I wish I loved to work out, because I love the way I look and feel when I'm keeping it up...but I've tried so many different methods (running, swimming, biking, sports, classes, etc) and it's become like this loveless marriage. I'm just staying in it for the clothes.

Okay that turned bitchy in a hurry. I just wanted to put it out there honestly how I feel, because I know how hard it can be to read about someone else's [successful] fitness programs. Some people really do love it, and that makes it a lot easier for them, I guess. I wish I was one of those people, but oh well. I'm still a chubby sloth on the inside.

I appreciate all the words of encouragement leading up to this race, and I REALLY appreciate all the folks who are coming to join me in it. The trip WILL be fun. As for the race? Everyone tells me I'll enjoy it. I wish I could believe that. I don't, but I'm trying to stay positive anyway. In four days, it'll be in my past. Wow. And then I have 30 to freak out about :)
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I've been very ranty lately.  I've been thinking for a while that I could benefit from an increase in my Prozac dosage, so I'll be talking to a doc about that tomorrow morning.

For more on that, here's today's rant.

Since my depression diagnosis, I haven't been able to get health insurance, and I can't get it through work unless/until I'm full-time, which may happen one day, but not for a while anyway.  So when I need a doctor, I go to the local Zoomcare, which is super convenient, and the people are nice...but...I'm kind of really disatisfied with them lately.  (Only slightly relevant back-story: last time I went there, my crappy HMO insurance from my temp job was still in effect through COBRA but I knew that wouldn't cover a mental health visit anyway, so I just tried to pay then and there.  They insisted on running the insurance just to see, and surprised me when they said my insurance was covering it and I was good to go.  Then three months later, I got a collections notice.  Apparently the insurance company denied it after all, and then the Zoomcare just turned it straight into collections rather than, you know, call me or send a bill.  So that was annoying but whatever, I took care of it, and they waived the late fees 'cause it was totally their fault.  So, shitty mistake but made in good faith, I guess?  Anyway.)  I have to get a new prescription written every six months.  I've been on the same dosage of Prozac for 18 months now, and that dosage is still at the very low end (40mg).  Still, I totally understand the requirement for an in-person visit for prescription renewals.  Which is why I called to make such an appointment a week ago. 

When I called, I told them what I needed and they pulled up my charts and said "Oh you don't have to come in!  Just have the pharmacy send us a refill request and we'll approve it."  I double checked, because I knew they had said I needed to come in every six months, but they assured me that it would be fine.  I called the pharmacy, they sent a request and told me to check back in a couple of days.  I figured they weren't making me come in since I've been a regular patient there and I've been on the same medication for over two years, same dosage for a year and a half, etc...and I wasn't going to argue since I was getting out of a $99 fee for a visit. 

So this morning, McKenzie went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, and they said it was denied.  Then they called me at work and said the doctor had denied it and said that she'd notified me.  Well, she hadn't notified me.  So I called Zoomcare and got their help desk.  I explained the situation and they said "Yeah we can't rewrite that until we see you."  Well, yeah, that's what I thought, but in the meantime, my pills ran out today and I have no free time until Monday.  I asked if they could write a very short-term Rx, for like 3 days, even, and they said no.  I asked if I could speak to the doctor, and they said they'd have her call me (she hasn't yet, that was 10am...I doubt I will hear from her), but told me that their policy was absolute and once they've denied a refill request, there's nothing they can do.  As for their "notification," they'd sent an email to a defunct address of McKenzie's -- I don't even know why they have that, but they should've gotten a bounceback.

Look, I get policies.  But this is NOT an instance of me failing to read the fine print, or being careless or trying to weasel out of an obligation.  I will see the doctor.  I wanted to last week.  But this is my health.  These are pills that I need to be a functioning human being, and when the doctor's office fucks up and gives me the wrong information, that's something that they need to fucking make right.  And don't tell me that the doctor can't write a prescription for three pills, which even if I took them all together wouldn't be enough to OD.  How can you have a unilateral policy in place when a person's health depends on your actions? 

I didn't think I would have time to see the doctor this weekend, because McKenzie has the car and I'm lined up to play bridge, but luckily the clinic is open at 9am tomorrow, which gives me just enough time to get in and out before we need to head to NE Portland for the morning session.  So I'm missing a day or two of medication, which shouldn't really be much of a blip, but it still strikes me as just plain fucking wrong that they wouldn't make any effort to right their wrong.  "Sorry, our bad, but this is our policy, you're out of luck."  Obviously if it were really life-threatening, I'd find a way to get in and see the doctor today (the nice thing about the clinic is that it's all drop-in and you're guaranteed a same-day appointment for the flat $99 fee) and I'd get it taken care of, but I didn't think I would have a chance to go until Monday, and they were just like "Too bad."  Handing out medication is not like retail where if the customer is dissatisfied you can just give them a discount or a free hat or something and everything's better again, but the fact that they wouldn't even consider asking the doctor to write a three motherfucking pill prescription while I have an appointment on the books for Monday is just fucking not cool.  But it's this or...nothing, I guess, because no one will insure me and it's all I can afford.

The health care industry needs to change.
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I just feel like voicing my gripes to an actual audience instead of just yelling at my radio, so I figure this is a good place.  This morning, NPR was all over the women in combat issue.  Now that the ban is being lifted, there are all sorts of issues, apparently.

One of the lead-ins was like "Can you believe that it took women 65 years to get the same rights that black people have in the military?  And they're a year behind gays?!"  I get that the point is "Wow! Women are really discriminated against!" but the way that struck me was that it's totally normal to discriminate against blacks and gays but how old-fashioned are we that it took so long to come around on women?!  I mean...come on.  

Then they interviewed an infantryman who thinks it's going to be terrible to have women in his unit because those guys are used to life around just guys, where they behave very badly, apparently.  Damn those bitches ruining all your chauvenist fun!  Don't worry, I doubt the mere presence of estrogen in the room will make you any less of a douchebag.

Next they were talking about how there will likely be some exceptions, like Navy SEALS, for instance, because those jobs are just too strenuous for women.  Seriously, wtf is the point of lifting the ban then?  Let a person's capabilities be judged on an individual basis, for fuck's sake!  It's true that most women may not be physically capable of doing certain jobs.  But why bar them from trying?  It's not like lifting the ban on women in combat means you suddenly have to lower every requirement -- keep the requirements the same, but let everyone have the same shot at achieving whatever their goals may be.  There are plenty of dudes who can't cut it, but they get weeded out by sucking, not because of their genitalia.  Those who can't cut it (in ANY field) should be eliminated the same way anyone else would be -- objective evaluation of skill and potential. 

All that said, I'm still a pacifist and wish there were no militaries...but I still get all riled up about the horribly flawed logic surrounding this story.  From the pros and cons to even the "neutral" reporters...there's just so much about it that makes me scream at the radio.
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Yesterday on the way to work, the traffic report stated that 217S was slow "from Sunset to I-5."  In other words, the entirety of route 217.  Heh.

Then on NPR they were talking to people in New York affected by the hurricane.  When Katrina hit NoLa, a lot of people were unsympathetic, either because people should know better than to live below sea level in a hurricane-prone area, or because WTF ARE THEY DOING REBUILDING IN THE SAME PLACE NOW?  I understand the wtf-ness of that, but at the same time, I don't blame those people.  First of all, if you have roots in an area, it's not easy to just leave and go somewhere else.  Especially when, like so many of those affected by Katrina, you're dirt fucking poor.  Rebuilding in the same place may be ill-advised, but if it's the only home you've ever known...I can understand. 

So anyway there was a guy on the radio who lived on the shore in Queens and had been unable to get flood coverage with his homeowner's insurance because he was in a known flood zone.  And he was complaining because he'd put $100K of renovations into his basement, including building a professional darkroom for his photography business, and now it was all destroyed.  Dude.  NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU.  You KNOW you're in a flood zone, you KNOW you don't have insurance, and you put six figures into upgrades for your BASEMENT?  That's just willful fucking stupidity. 

This storm really fucked over a lot of people, but this guy totally fucked himself.  Yeesh.

I hope those of you who were affected by the storm are getting by okay -- I've been reading about your commuting woes and power outages, and I hope shit gets back to normal for you soon.  If not, there's always room for friends in Portland :)
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So my new phone came.  Yay!

Except...it doesn't work.

Brand new, $600 piece of functionless plastic. 

I walked to the Sprint store around the corner to see if I was just doing something wrong (a very likely scenario), and to get their help.  I was the only one in the store, and even though there were two employees, every time the phone rang, the girl "helping" me would pick up the phone and make me wait while she dealt with someone else.  While patiently waiting for her, I heard this end of her conversation with a customer:

"Yes, we do have that phone.  Are you looking to get one today?  Let me check and see if you're eligible for an upgrade now...Yes! You are.  I can activate that phone for you today for just the upgrade fee."
"Oh, we only have it in white, but I do have black covers."
"The other stores in the area have it, too.  I could drive over and get one for you -- would you like me to do that?"

"Okay, great!  I'll see you later today."
Good customer service, right?  Well.
She told me I'd have to call Sprint's customer service line to activate my phone, and I have to do that from a phone other than my cell phone.  I explained that I only have this phone.  "Don't you have an office?  Can't you do it from work?"  Okay, she doesn't know that I'm in the middle of a very frustrating stretch of unemployment and job searching, so she probably didn't mean for that to come off like salt in my wounds, but, bitch, it's 2pm on a Monday and I'm in here with fresh-out-of-the-shower wet hair.  DOES IT LOOK LIKE I HAVE AN OFFICE?  Maybe I got fired for making too many goddamn personal phone calls.  
So after exhausting the many possibilities of other types of phones I could possibly have access to, she finally offers up the in-store phone.  But unlike every other time I've gone in there and gone through this, she just handed me the phone and had me deal with the people -- every other time, the person in the store makes the call for me.  But she kept grabbing the phone from me while I was on the call!  And I'd be all "Hang on, I can't do that right now, I don't have the phone in my hands..." and bitch just didn't fucking get the hint.  Finally after I tried doing all the things I was instructed to do, and they didn't work, she took the phone from me and started talking to the woman at customer service.  She spoke for all of three seconds, said thanks, and then hung up.  Um, what?
"Unfortunately, your phone is defective.  You're going to have to exchange it."
UGH.  Okay, that's a pain, but shit happens, I guess I understand, whatever.  I didn't get pissy.  Until this next thing.
She tells me that they don't have it and I have to go to one of the other stores, either Hall Blvd. or Tanasbourne.  I ask if they're walking distance, because I don't have a car, also I have somewhere to be at 3:30, so I'm kind of in a hurry.   She tells me "you'll have to get on the freeway..."
Okay, NO, I won't.  Hall Blvd is literally three blocks away.  NO FREEWAY NECESSARY.  But WHERE on Hall Blvd is this store?   She punches some things into a map, says it's "too far to walk" and tells me "they're open until 7 if that helps."  
First of all, biotch, I'll be the judge of how far I can walk.  Second of all, how come you're not offering to drive over there and pick it up for me like you did for the woman on the phone?  Second of all, thanks for telling me that you went ahead and deactivated my other phone.  So I have no phone now, no time to get to the other store, and I'm boarding a plane at 5am tomorrow.  FRUSTRATION.
I'm going to ride my bike to therapy and then bike to the Hall Blvd store, which is only 4 miles from here.  That is so not too far to walk or bike -- but I WOULD like to call first to see if they even have what I need so that it's not a wild goose chase.  Because I already worked out today and I'm going to be pissed if I ride my bike 9 miles out of the way (here-therapy-store-here) for nothing.  And Z has the car in Eugene all day.  And I hope I wrote down the directions correctly because it's not like I can use my phone to look them up if I get lost.  Seriously, fuck this bullshit.  What a stressful day.


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