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In happier news, I went to see 10 String Symphony and Tattletale Saints last night. My friend Justin joined me and a good time was had by all. Spent some time catching up with my Nashville pals, collected some soul-nourishing hugs, and got to know a new friend better. Justin is talking about possibly moving away from Portland, likely just temporarily, sometime in the soonishness. It always bums me out when people talk about leaving here. I just don't understand how it can be done. But he also said he likes soccer, so I guess our brains are just very different.

McKenzie gets home tonight. It feels like we've had a really positive week+ since he's been out of town, but then this morning he was feeling really down, and that deflated my optimism a bit. I'm still looking forward to seeing him and working together. One of our assignments from our counselor was to focus on lifting each other up, so I want to practice that here for a moment.

Last night at the show, I was mingling with lots of different people, and it seemed that every other sentence out of my mouth was "My husband loves ___," or "My husband taught me all about ____." One guy I talked to was a FedEx pilot from Memphis and bluegrass musician, which is like a trifecta of things that McKenzie loves. The way McKenzie gets enthusiastic about the things that interest him makes them interesting to me, too. I don't dive in as deeply as he does in all things, but I appreciate his vast and thorough understanding of things many people never think about. I love asking him questions about logistics and details of the FedEx system, for example, or the ACBL, or highway and urban planning. He appreciates what is fascinating about all these things, and he shares it with me in a way that enriches me. I love that we connect that way.
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I hadn't really thought about it, but when the folks at work saw me doing my PT exercises for my neck, it became clear that I look like I'm simulating a blowjob. Except my mouth is closed. The therapist called it the "chicken neck," but really it's just me bobbing my head back and forth. And I've been doing this at my desk all day. Maybe I can claim more pain and suffering due to the embarrassment? Heh.

I'm going to see 10SS tonight. I love them so much. A new friend is coming with me. He says he will judge me based on how much he likes the show. I am not worried.

I haven't heard from the other insurance company since they told me they were accepting liability. I can't believe they haven't tried to settle the total loss yet -- every day that goes by is another day they pay for storage for the car and for my rental car. Fine by me! I'm really liking my little rental. It's a Hyundai Accent, which is basically exactly the same as our Elantra, only smaller. I like it a lot and would consider buying one, but McKenzie wouldn't fit in it, and if I'm going to have a car for driving real estate clients around, it should probably have a comfortable back seat. The back seat on the Accent is basically cosmetic, as there's no way a human person could fit back there. And anyway I really want to get another Honda, because I'm completely convinced the Accord saved my life. I'd like an Insight, but again, that's a pretty small one...maybe a hybrid Civic? I'm putting the cart before the horse here, though. First I need a way to pay for it. Gotta buckle down on that real estate stuff. It's just been really hard to focus with all the other bullshit in my life lately. I am close to done, though.
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I don't know if it has more to do with the particular moment in time, or just the age that I was, but the songs that were top 40 hits when I was in middle school (1993-1996) have this amazing staying power -- I can go for literally years without hearing it, and then a song like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" comes on my shuffle, and I can sing along to every word, every pause, every hum and filler word. I love that.

This morning was a windows down, drive fast, sing loud kind of commute. It felt awesome. I was confirmed for an upgrade on my flight to Vegas tonight, and now just one busy workday stands between me and some Vegas shenanigans.

The silly Blazers had to lose their silly summer league playoff game yesterday, though, so now I don't get to watch them play this weekend after all. Bah. Oh well. My brother decided to drive up from Phoenix, so I'll spend the weekend partying with him, and McKenzie asked me to pack our convention cards, so it sounds like he's setting aside some time to actually play bridge with me, too. I'm 55 points away from Gold Life Master. McKenzie wants to be playing with me when I get it, which means I shouldn't enter any major events without him until I'm over. I wasn't planning on it, anyway, but if I can find good pickup games this weekend, I'll take them. Only a Bracket I KO would pay that much for a single event win, though. Anyway. I'm excited about this weekend, no matter how much or how little bridge there is.
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Questions from [livejournal.com profile] noodledays. Comment here if you'd like 5 questions from me :)

Do you have favorite memory from when you were 11 or 12?
Oh gosh, those were like my most awkward years EVER. I think back on them and I'm just cringing at myself! But...probably the most fun I had during that time was inventing the game of doorknob tag while babysitting the Bloomfields across the street. It was easy to win because Aaron was too little to catch me and Elana would freeze in terror if you screamed at her, so I never got tagged, unless Emily was playing with us, too...she could catch me.

What's the most you'd be willing to pay for a shirt and why?
I won't pay more than 10-20$ for MOST shirts, but if I saw one that was really perfect (hilarious reference to something really important to me), I'd probably spend a lot of money on it. Up to 50$? And I've bought really nice tops (not really shirts, though?) for $80...

Who has been a mentor to you in your life?
My brother William was one of my first mentors. He is 14 years older than me and the last year that he lived at home before college, we were very close. He taught me lots of things, some far too advanced for my toddler brain, but he was the first one to start shaping me into the bleeding heart hippie that I am today.
My grandmother, Marma, lived in our house until she died on my 15th birthday. Of anyone in my life, she has undoubtedly influenced me the most. She taught me about being a strong woman, about valuing education and knowledge, and loving games.
My cousin Allan lived with us during the summer when I was 13 and he was 20. He taught me about the world of music that you don't hear on the radio, and further cultivated those hippie seeds my brother planted. He and I remain very close, and we continue to inspire each other.
My husband has mentored me in bridge more than anyone else has, and he transformed me from casual player to fierce competitor.
My "little sister" Emily has been my emotional rock through every challenge I've ever faced, and has shared in all of my accomplishments and joys. Running is the main thing in my life for which she's mentored me, but I feel like she's got a hand in basically everything I do.

How many cookies are too many for you to eat in one sitting?
There have never been enough cookies to answer this question :)

What musical artist do you like today that you also liked 10 years ago?
Eddie From Ohio is the band that I have most consistently liked and like in the same way that I did 10 years ago...other artists that I saw in concert in 2004 and have seen or will see again this year are: Indigo Girls, Tracy Grammer, The Kennedys, Crooked Still/Aoife O'Donovan, We're About 9, Arlo Guthrie, Dar Williams, Ellis Paul...I'm sure there are some others, mostly Falcon Ridge performers.
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Seriously obsessed with Hayes Carll lately. His music is incredibly twangy, kind of bluesy-country. I just find it soothing. I've been listening to a youtube mix of his stuff at work all morning.

Things are going reasonably well, I guess? I'm feeling pretty good, except for the lingering cough from whatever cold I caught last weekend. I'm seeing progress with WW and my workouts, and I'm feeling pretty good in my clothes again now. I'm down about six pounds in the last month. Would really like to drop another 10, but I'll just do what I can and see what happens. I went to Body Pump last night and pushed myself pretty hard. I wasn't nearly as dead at the end of class as I had been in the past, but then I was pretty sore in the evening -- it felt good, in its own crazy way. I feel stronger.

Z has been out of town for two weeks. I'll see him again, briefly, but he'll leave for Vegas within a day or so of returning. Then I'll meet up with him there a week later. At the core, we are doing very well. Better than ever, probably. But there's still so much to sort through to determine if our marriage can really work. And that stuff is HARD. I struggle a lot. But I'm hanging in there. We are working on understanding each other, and whether or not we can be what the other needs in a partner. I think we can, but it's frustrating what a slow process it can be, especially given that we've been together 7 years already. We should've figured this shit out a long time ago. Better late than never.

So, yeah. I'm feeling generally optimistic, but some things are still really hard. I'm doing what I can. Hugs and kind words are always appreciated.
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"You be the sinner, I'll be the sin."


I've recently discovered (via McKenzie) a new-to-me artist that I absolutely love. Hayes Carll. This lyric is from "Drunken Poet's Dream." I think my favorite song of his is "Hey Baby, Where You Been?" It's fun.

I've also been listening to various versions of "Long Black Veil" lots and lots this week. I think I'll sing it for my nieces tomorrow if they ask me to sing a bedtime song. They're into old-timey folk. And that song's TOTALLY appropriate for little kids. Little kids who won't get it, anyway.

I'm at my parents' house, in the bed that has been in my childhood bedroom since I was small, but that I never slept in until I was an adult. I preferred sleeping in the closet, under the bed, in boxes, and homemade forts -- anything enclosed. I've always wanted a bed with curtains. Maybe I should see if I can get something like this on Etsy.

No one else is here tonight. William is driving down and will arrive with Rachel, Frankie, Bess, and Slim sometime in the middle of the night. Adrian flies in tomorrow. Mom, Dad, and Lucy will return from Williamsburg in the afternoon. I can't wait to see everyone. I should just go to sleep so this time for which I can't wait comes sooner...but I'm failing at that, too. And I'll have Bodo's in the morning, too. !h Charlottesville.
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I'm still woefully behind on reading my friends list, and updating here about my own exciting times, but before I let life get too far away from me, I wanted to at least post some quick updates.

Two weekends ago, I went to St. Louis for the Shantytowne wedding of Bill and Tassy. It was lovely to see so many Shantyfolk, and I had a delightful time. I love the Shantyfolk -- being around them is like drinking a happiness elixir.

Last weekend, I ran a motherfucking half marathon. It was awesome. I finished in 2:14, which is a PR for me. I was not expecting to beat my Santa Cruz time, or even come close to it, but during the race, I just felt good enough to keep pushing the whole time. I feel awesome about my finish. Also last weekend, Christian Sedelmyer and Dave Goldenberg played a house concert at my house. That was fucking awesome. Z and I are going to go see them play another nearby show on Wednesday.

Today, I started a professional development course for real estate. I am signed up for the online pre-licensing courses, which are self-guided and required for licensing. The classes I'm doing this week (and later in June) are not required, but I chose to take them to help get a boost as I get started. It is a little intimidating, but also empowering. I know I'm going to do well. But it's going to be so much work omg. But, I'm going to rock.

So that's what's going on lately. I swear to Jeebus I'll get back to reading everyone else's posts as soon as I have a moment to breathe. With the race out of the way, I will have a lot more space in my brain and life as soon as I catch up on some sleep.
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We knew it was coming, but now that their breakup is official, it feels right to reflect on what Girlyman has meant to me for the past ten years.

I attended my first Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 2003, with my then-fiance Jeremy. I was 20, and I'd traveled some, but knew little of life outside very red, rural Virginia. I was into mostly heavy metal, but also the Indigo Girls and Eddie From Ohio. It was EFO that brought me to FRFF, but I had NO idea what to expect from the experience. The Edhead/Fruhead camp immediately welcomed us into the fold, and I began a sharp transformation from angsty metalhead to folkie. Since we knew none of the music besides EFO, we relied on recommendations from other campers for what music to see, but no one recommended Girlyman specifically. They were largely unknown at the time, and we decided to see them because we liked their name.

My music collection endured quite a remodeling after that first Falcon Ridge, but if I had to single out the one CD I cherished most from that weekend of discovery, it is HANDS DOWN Girlyman's "Remember Who I Am." We got on Girlyman's mailing list and were psyched to see them coming to Charlottesville's Gravity Lounge (RIP). We convinced a few friends to come with us, and were kind of shocked that our group of four made up 2/3 of the audience that night. Whatever, man, we loved the show. When they came back to Gravity a few months later, the house was packed, and I was filled with pride when they asked for a show of hands for who was at their first Gravity Lounge show, with only six in attendance. Fuck yeah I was one of the original six.

Jeremy and I reached out to Girlyman in the spring of 2004 about playing our wedding. If they would do it, they could pick the date. They agreed, and had a hole in their touring schedule on September 5, after another Gravity Lounge show. That would be perfect. It was, coincidentally, the second anniversary of our first date. (If you're doing the math, you can calculate that I was 21 at the time of this wedding. May I suggest to young people in love, perhaps, consider a lengthy engagement.) The marriage didn't last very long, but that's okay. The wedding remains a highlight of my life. My own personal Girlyman concert! Oh yeah, I mean our.

Girlyman's sophomore album came out right after the wedding, and by their third release, the divorce was under way. This new album, "Joyful Sign," has a lot of songs about transition. As their first two albums had been the soundtrack of my foolish, youthful love story, this one was the soundtrack of my divorce. "Sometimes leaving is a joyful sign" became my mantra. I was too full of pride to talk to any of the people who would have gladly been my support system in that time -- divorcing after a quickie marriage that everyone told me I was too young to enter in the first place was pretty hard on the old ego. I didn't even admit to my parents that we'd separated until eight months after the fact. So this music was the closest thing to a confidant that I had at a time when I needed it so badly. I latched on hard.

A couple years down the road, I started dating McKenzie. Or rather, I should say that I fell for McKenzie. We lived on opposite coasts and didn't have much opportunity to date, but when he came to visit me in Virginia for the first time, he found a Girlyman concert a mere five hours away in Harrisburg, PA. He didn't know Girlyman at the time, but he knew I loved them, and he was so stupidly smitten with me back then that he was willing to take a ten-hour round trip (to what turned out to be a REALLY sketchy neighborhood) to see a band he really only hoped he would like. And yay! He did like them! Loved them, even! And that was our first real date. A crazy long drive to a city we had no real reason to visit, on a work night, to see my favorite band. And it was wonderful.

I made some great friends through Girlyfandom. Jessica and I crossed paths a number of times, usually online and sometimes in person, through our mutual adoration for the band. When I needed to move across the country in 2009, Jess just so happened to be planning a cross-country road trip at the time and was looking for company. We barely knew each other, but agreed to live in a car together for two weeks. And those were two of the greatest weeks of my life. I don't know if I would have met Jess at all had it not been for our Girlyman connection -- we lived 700 miles apart and had no mutual friends (until later -- also through Girlyman connections). You guys know how much I love Jess, right? I love the POOP out of that girl. We live even farther apart now, and rarely see each other, and yet she's in, like, half of my hypothetical highlight reel of life. We went to motherfucking AFRICA together. I digress somewhat but the point is I have amazing people and amazing experiences in my life because we shared this love for this band, and that was enough of a connection to spark some incredible adventures.

Girlyman also opened my eyes and ears to more great music. I have been to dozens of their shows, and through opening acts and co-bills and festivals where they've shared the stage, I've discovered many more favorites. This band is both directly and indirectly a huge part of who I am.

It's sad that Girlyman is no more, but I have a decade of fantastic memories from my time following them, and the wonderful thing about recorded music is that it's recorded.
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It can be really difficult for me to get into new music. Usually I have to be at a live performance to really get into something for the first time, and these days most of the new music I hear comes through my running station on Pandora, and while I like some of the poppy hip hop jams, it's not really stuff I'd share with my friends and say "You've gotta hear this!" But there are three newer albums in my collection that I can't live without, and I want to make sure my friends know about them.

First is the Lone Bellow's debut album, The Lone Bellow

I got into these guys because I know the girl in the band. She was Emily's college roommate and sang with her in The Accidentals, and I have always LOVED Kanene's voice. She's not the lead singer in the band, and her vocal parts on the album really don't even hint at what she can do with her pipes, but this album does not suffer for lack of her belting. I'm sure something in their future will feature her amazing power, and people will be like "WHOA!!!," but I think they're keeping that secret weapon in their arsenal for use at a later date. In the mean time, their stuff is very Brooklyn Bluegrass. It's old-timey but fresh at the same time. Beautiful and edgy. A musician friend of mine called them "the best live performance I've seen in decades." Here's their new single, "Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold."

Next up is Aoife O'Donovan's solo album, Fossils.

I'm familiar with Aoife as the lead singer of Crooked Still. I discovered them at Falcon Ridge when they were all fresh out of college and touring for the first time, and I've loved them HARD since day one. Aoife's solo stuff is much mellower. Her airy voice makes every song sound like a lullaby, even though some of them are, ahem, a little racy. Here's her music video for "Red and White and Blue and Gold."

Lastly is the new collaboration from Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, backed by the Steep Canyon Rangers, called Love Has Come For You

I have always loved the Steep Canyon Rangers, but I have to admit I was kind of bummed when they started teaming up with Steve Martin. Steve is hilarious and a great banjo player, but SCR pretty much took a back seat to him in their collaborating, and the music wasn't as fun for me as original SCR stuff. Steve is crazy talented, but his music is either largely instrumental, or lyrically silly. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not the kind of music I can listen to on endless repeat. It's not that the music wasn't awesome, it just wasn't blast-in-the-car-and-sing-along music, and that's by far my favorite kind of music. But then came Edie.

You may remember Edie Brickell from the late 80's song "What I Am." She's also Paul Simon's wife. But she's been largely off my radar musically other than those two things. Her vocals were the missing piece in the SCR-Steve Martin equation that brought everything together for me. In true bluegrass fashion, these songs tell stories -- great ones, some even true -- and feature heavy twangs on both vocals and banjo. It took me a few listens to really get into this at first -- it's VERY twangy -- but it's just so fucking beautiful that I couldn't help but fall in love with it. Here's one of my favorites from this album, and the story behind it:

Lucy told me last week that she goes to school with Edie and Paul's kids. No big deal. (!!)

Anyway, I hope some of you will take the time to check out some of this stuff. I really, really love it.
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I've been on a real nostalgia kick lately, and so I've been surfing YouTube for 90's music videos, and then following the web of suggestions through so many of my old forgotten favorites.  

God damn, the 90's were angsty.

I mean, that's not a revelation.  It's easy to tell that from the music alone.  But I guess it's easy to look at that time in my life and think of course I was full of angst, I was a teenager.  So of course I gravitated toward the music that spoke to that.  But the thing is, in my teenage years, unlike the teenage years of any other generation I know of, that angsty music was what was most popular.  It wasn't just about going through puberty -- the whole decade was full of that aura of sort of existentialist self-importance.  It was a strange time.

And can we talk about the music videos for a moment?  What was edgy and artistic at the time is really uncomfortable to watch now. For instance, Live's "I Alone:"

This video, and indeed this band and every song they ever wrote, is intense.  It's supposed to make you FEEL.  But watching it now, I think, wow, crazy eyes.  And what a silly little rat tail.  And look how seriously they're taking themselves, oh, isn't that precious?  My excuse for taking myself so intensely seriously at the time is that I was 16.  But in retrospect, I realize that the entire country was going through an extended adolescence or puberty.  I love the 90's and I love the music especially, but it is really hard to look back on any of it and take a bit of it seriously.  I just want to give the 90's a great big hug.
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Life is a combination of delightfully joyful and overwhelmingly stressful right now, so let's blog about it!

I'm still glowing from my trip to New York.  Folks keep adding their photos to Facebook, and looking at them makes me happy.  I especially love love love this one of Seth and me at Church Korner:


The looks on our faces, and the looks on the faces of the muppets on our t-shirts, are so genuinely happy that I get warm fuzzies just looking at it.  Aww.  It was also such an honor and a joy to be there to see some of Sethy's very first performances as a singer/songwriter.  I've been there for many a jam, singing and bopping along, but he really took it to the next level (or several levels higher, really) when he got up in front of our audience to perform his own music.  1, he's really good at it, and that in itself makes it grand, but 2, he feels it SO MUCH, and that is contagious.  I love it when music puts emotions into you, and Seth's does that.  Partly because of the content, and partly because of its delivery.  I feel very special to be a part of it, especially here at the very beginning of something I suspect will grow beautifully. 

My time with my family was equally spectacular.  I had a lot of time to hang out with Rachel, and I feel like the two of us grew a lot closer over my time there.  I really love having her for a sister-in-law.  And my nieces!  They're so great, and I've already said so much about them...they're so easy to love.  Lucy has really mellowed over the last few years, evolving from a bitch with attitude to a sweet, intelligent, doting oldest sister.  She and Frankie still have their quarrels, but they adore each other anyway, and it was really touching to see how sweet she was with Bess.  Frankie is turning into a real smartass, in the most adorable way.  She is very intelligent for sure, and very loving.  She has some holy terrors of temper tantrums, but she'll probably grow out of that, and when she's not flipping out, she's completely wonderful.  Every morning I was there, she would wake me up by crawling into bed with me and giving me hugs.  I also got lots of random hugs from her throughout each day, and she would occasionally ask me to pick her up and hug her as tight as I could.  Bess is an infant, and does infant things, and it's no effort at all to love her dearly -- I am sure I will only love her more as she develops her personality.  I can certainly relate to her as the baby of the family, and I have visions of being very close with her as she grows up.  Just like I hope to be close with all of my nieces and nephews.  I miss Jack!

I did not follow WW at all in New York, so I'm a little stressed about backsliding on that front, especially now that I have two more weeks on the road before I can really get back to a place where I am comfortable with the amount of control I have over my diet and schedule.  But I certainly got lots of walking in while I was in NYC, and I had a really nice treadmill run last night, so I think I'll be fine.  I'm just nervous about it because I'm a vain little girl.

I also have this kind of huge deadline to meet this week, and while it's an easy project and shouldn't be any trouble, there is the matter of finding the time to get it done, as well as the motivation.  I have plenty of time today, for instance, to probably finish the whole thing, but am I doing that?  Not yet!  I will get to it, but it remains to be seen how much progress I will make.  If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done, and it's not the last minute for a few more days.  But I'll have a lot less free time then...

That deadline is the main stress, but then there's also the fact that bridge players are starting to show up, and this tournament will be in full swing in about 30 hours.  I'm optimistic that it's possible to get through this NABC with minimal drama, and really, there is nothing currently going on with me to warrant any drama.  It's just that it is the first time I will be seeing lots of people since the last major drama I had with them, and who knows what feelings that will stir up.  Feelings or no, I do plan to keep the interactions low-key.  But I imagine I will have some new things to talk about in therapy soon.
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One of my favorite songs from Thursday night's set (though the video is from a few days before that.)

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Today was a lovely day of doing nothing.  Z and I walked to a restaurant for breakfast, then came back and crashed.  I went into the bedroom to give him a hug, and next thing I knew I was waking up from a nap.  I have no idea how long I was asleep.  I don't think very long, but it felt great!  I played a lot of bridge with Zac, honed in on some particularly bad habits that I want him to eradicate, and wrote him a dissertation on doubles.  We played four or five speedballs today -- I think five?  The first three were disasters, but the last two we were 2nd and 1st, so we finished strong.  I really love teaching him because he's smart enough that I don't have to give up on anything because he just won't get it, and I feel like he really understands my analysis.  And I don't have to suck up to him.  We've won like 30 points together online, which is a kind of shameful amount (we've only been playing for like six weeks).  I really hope he'll start coming to real tournaments soon.

I spent some time on the job search today.  Turned in a few more resumes...but these are still all backup plans.  The hiring process is really dragging at the job I want, but I do think I'm still likely to get that gig.  I just hope it's not another two months before I know, you know?
The Mountain Goats were really great last night.  The venue was like 110 degrees, but it's the most fun I've ever had while being that uncomfortable.  The lead singer had spent a few years living in Portland, so he had some great stories for us.  The one thing I really hated was how so many fans would shout out requests.  For one, bands write set lists before they come on stage.  In pen.  They've already chosen what they're going to play, so shut up and enjoy it.  If you only want to hear one song, just go home and listen to the CD.  Two, the Mountain Goats have like 40 albums.  If you have a serious request, email it before the show or something, but for fuck's sake, calling it out is just like saying "I don't wanna hear what you wanna play."  Why go to a concert at all?  I don't know how all performers feel about it, but I know some of them definitely hate that shit.  I like it when they respond with something bitchy and witty -- usually that shuts up the hecklers.  So I guess if they don't retort, they don't mind, and I shouldn't either?  It just annoys me.  I feel bad for the performers, and I didn't buy concert tickets to feel bad.
But anyway I had a great weekend.  Tomorrow is a day to get a lot of work done, and then go celebrate Grampa's birthday in Salem.  
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Getting the mail after being away for a month is always a mixed bag.

+ Postcard from Emily
-  Bill from a doctor visit SEVEN MONTHS AGO.  This is the first bill, and it's very expensive.
+ One of Z's paychecks
+/-- An envelope from the property managers -- looks like it contains a check, but surprise!  It's a bill.  For $8.  I don't really understand this.  Especially since they get $825/month from my tenant, and they're supposed to deduct all of my expenses out of that.  Lame.  But the bill doesn't really explain what it's for and I'm confused.
- About 12 pounds of junk mail
+ The new Farewell Drifters album!  
That last one is enough to swing any bad day into a good one.   I love them SO MUCH.  And this album is SO GOOD.  BUY IT.
I did a stupid thing today.  I needed groceries, so I made my list and went to the store.  I knew I needed to keep it minimal, since I had walked.  It's about a mile, and I knew that getting things like milk, eggs, and Gatorade would make my walk home a pain, but I wasn't prepared for just how fucking heavy everything would be.  That is seriously the most physically demanding thing I've done in at least six months.  I'd estimate that I was carrying at least 30 pounds in each hand.  No more major grocery store trips on foot.  Two bag max.
I also went to the gym for a run and bike, since it's been a pitiful long time since I did any serious exercising -- the walk counts, but it also doesn't.  Anyway, that was nice, and hopefully I can get back into a routine easily enough.  
Tomorrow night, The Mountain Goats are playing at my favorite venue in town, so Z and I are going to go.  I've never been to a MG show before, so it should be fun.  I've been bored with my music collection lately, so between the new FD album and the show tomorrow, that should give me a good recharge.  
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 I'm done with my dental work for now. Hopefully for a long time. The dentist was very nice and gentle and the only pain I was really in was in my core, because I was too fucking tense to relax, and each of the last two days, I was in there for more than 3 hours. This is what happens when you don't go to the dentist for 10 years, kids. Oh, and it costs you a buttload of money. $3000. In fact, way more than a buttload. Unless you're talking thousand dollar bills. Or a check, or something. Anyway.

The dentist was really impressed with how little I complained (out loud, anyway). She kept offering me breaks and I said no. Are you kidding? I wanted that shit over with. There's nothing relaxing about sitting in a dentist's office, so if I'm going to be there, I might as well be making progress toward the finish line. Seriously. Seven total hours of dental work over the last two days. Ugh. The good news is that she said my teeth and gums looked very healthy, except for the fact that I had a bunch of cavities since I hadn't had my teeth worked on in a decade, but hey, small victories. She said it's possible I'll need a root canal in one of the teeth she filled today, because that cavity was kinda deep and the filling might have gone too close to the nerve. She says if it stays sensitive after a few days, I'll need a root canal. So here's hoping I feel nothing.

I left my bill out on the counter at my parents' house, hoping they'd see it, be proud of me for *not* asking them to help me pay for it, and then take pity on their responsible daughter and give me money to cover it. See how crafty I am? Alas, I'm really not as crafty as my folks are cheap, so I have a feeling I'm on my own here, but maybe they'll at least buy me dinner or something.

I have interview #4 in about 90 minutes. That's #4 with the same company, not a fourth different interview. I kind of bombed my third one -- I just wasn't mentally prepared for it and was flustered and I know I didn't come off well there. So I'm taking the prep a lot more seriously for this one, and hopefully I can redeem myself. It's with yet another different exec, so at least I won't be clawing my way out of the hole I dug with the last interviewer. Sigh. Wish me luck!

Lastly, check out the new music video from the Farewell Drifters. I love them so much. I think you will, too.


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