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Dear Jack,

I will probably say this every year until you are at least 20, so I'll just admit up front that it's totally cliche while still being totally true -- you have grown so much this year! I can't believe you are 3 already. I can understand most of what you say, even. And what you say is adorable. You have excellent manners, and you speak very sweetly, even though sometimes you can be a little devil. You say "please" and "thank you" all the time, and I do mean all the time.

The last time you and I were hanging out one-on-one, you filled every lull with a "thank you." I'm not sure what you were thanking me for, or if it was even me that you were thanking, but it's good to be appreciative! You are also very affectionate. You give superb hugs, and you tell people you love them frequently. I know that at three years old, you probably don't completely grasp what it means when someone says those words, but it always fills my heart with warmth when you say "I love you Aunt Egg," even if maybe it doesn't mean the same thing to you as it does to me. I know that as you continue to grow, you understand more and more just how much love is in your life. I think becoming a big brother has helped you with that, too.

You adore your new sister, and it's beautiful to see you with her. Even when your mama was pregnant, you would hug and kiss her belly, because you knew Sister was in there. Now that Sloane is out here in the world, you are just as sweet. You are gentle with her and give her lots of love and affection. She adores you, too. You are going to teach her so much.

While I gush about what a sweet boy you are, I can't just gloss over the fact that your nickname is Monster. You are an active and at times wild little boy, and you can test an adult's nerves like a champ. Your parents have been working on breaking your habits of biting and hitting, and it seems to be less of a problem these days. You're also so very good at apologizing, how can anyone stay angry? One time I was visiting your house and your mom and I were chatting, and you interrupted to say "Mom? Remember yesterday when I hit you? I'm sorry." Aww.

One more cute Jack story from the past year... A few months ago, you, your mom, and aunties were all hanging out together getting froyo at our usual place. When it was time to go, we were giving hugs, and I asked you if I could have a hug. You said no, and while that was a bummer, I don't believe in forcing anyone to give affection when they don't want to, so I accepted your decision and stood up to walk to my car. When you realized I really was going to go without giving you a hug, you yelled "HEY!" and came running to me with open arms. I'm so glad you wanted that hug after all, Jack. I love you.

Aunt Egg
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I am just born to be an aunt. No doubt. My sister-in-law posted a photo of my 6yo niece riding a two-wheeled bike, and I'm just so proud of that girl. I know it's not a huge deal and no one else has any reason to care, but these little milestones just stir up a lot of emotion in me. I love my girls so much.

I'm cohosting a baby shower for another friend tomorrow, and as I prepare for that, I'm getting really excited. Mary and Josh are good friends and they know how much I love my nieces, but I doubt they really understand how excited I am about their kid, too. I just love my role. There's some jealousy in not being a parent, though. I'm not the most important person to anyone. There's a bit of an unrequited love when it comes to the kids in my life -- most of them do love me, but none of them will ever really understand the way I love them. That's okay. I don't need unhealthy codependence to feel important. There are levels of connection I just won't get without being a mom, and those are definitely things on which I definitely understand I'm missing out -- but not enough to want all the other baggage that comes with parenthood. The point is, I love the kids in my life. I love the parents in my life. I'm really comfortable in my role as Auntie. And I hope my friends are comfortable with my self-installation as their kids' auntie, too. I respect boundaries, I promise!

I'm looking forward to squeezing on Sloane tomorrow, too.

Once recently when I was with Shanon and her kids, we were saying goodbye and I asked Jack for a hug. He said no, and I want to be respectful of that. Not to be alarmist or anything but I do think it's an early seed of rape culture to force kids to be affectionate when they don't want to be, so if a kid says s/he doesn't want a hug, I want them to know that that's okay and I respect that. I told Jack okay, no hug, and I got up and started to walk away. Then he came running after me with his arms open yelling "HEY!!" Little fucker was just trying to play hard to get. Ha. It definitely felt good when he did want a hug after all :) I tell him I love him and he says "I love you" back to me, but I think it's more reflexive to say that than it is an actual feeling right now. Still feels good.
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I know it's superficial but the VT football game has me in much higher spirits than I've been in a while.

It's also helpful that I went on a nice hike with my friend Paul this afternoon, and then saw my little Marriage in the Suburbs (as opposed to Sex in the City) group for froyo. We try to get together as often as we can, but all four of us together is rare -- Shanon's got Jack and now Sloane, Mary's in her third trimester, and Lorie is busy with hunting season trying to stalk some elk. It's nice to catch up with these ladies, though, and see the kids. We took turns passing 3-week-old Sloane around, and every time I held her, she pooped. When it was time to leave, I asked Jack for a hug and he said no, and I'm all about respecting that so I didn't force the issue, but when he saw that I was actually going to walk away, he was like "HEY! WAIT! HUG!" And he gave me a big squeeze and some kisses. I love that boy.

I decided not to go into the city to watch the game with my usual group this week. After a full day, I was ready to plop down on my couch and chill. I also didn't much feel like watching the game surrounded by OSU people -- Blitz Ladd in Southeast treats us really well and we love going threre, but it's officially a Big Ten/OSU bar, so it's always overrun with their fans when our games overlap, and last week the shit talk was insane. So I just didn't feel like being there, but I guess I would've been the one talking all the shit. What a game!

I spent some time talking to my husband and working my jigsaw puzzle, and soon I'll retire to bed. It's been a full and lovely day. Tomorrow I'm planning to help Josh and Mary paint some rooms, and I imagine I'll get some board games out of the deal, too. Housework is so much more fun when it's not your house. And it's all in preparation for the next baby in my life, so I'm very excited. Mary probably feels like ten weeks will fly by in no time. I'm definitely excited to meet the thing she's growing. I know his name if it's a boy, but they didn't tell me their girl name. Maybe that's because they haven't decided, or maybe it's because it's going to be Margaret. It should totally be Margaret. SOMEONE NEEDS TO CARRY ON THE FAMILY NAME!

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I left work a little early and came straight to Shanon's house to hang out with Jack so that Brian could go be with his laboring wife. Jack was a little worried and confused at first -- he knows that Sloane is on her way, but he doesn't really grasp why that means Mommy and Daddy aren't at home. But I gave him some cheese, turned on RescueBots, and all signs of concern vanished. Then I got all domestic. I made a pizza for us to share for dinner. Okay, I didn't make it from scratch, but I used the actual oven! It wasn't some microwave copout. I unloaded their clean dishes from the dishwasher, which involved quite a bit of detective work. I think that this was helpful of me, but I'm sure I put some stuff back where they don't expect it to be and will spend many frustrating hours searching for sometime in the future.

While Jack ate and watched his show, I used Shanon's computer to do a few of my real estate courses. Jack would occasionally ask me to get him something, and he usually said "please" and "thank you" without being prompted at all, but once he asked me to get him more juice and told me "you're welcome" when I gave it to him. Still, though, I was super impressed with his manners. He is a notorious fit-thrower, so his pleasant demeanor was a very nice surprise.

When he finished his dinner, I asked him if he would come with me to my house so I could get some things to stay overnight. He was gung ho, and said "thank you" about seven times as I secured him in his car seat. Then I got in and sat in the driver's seat checking my phone for a moment before we got going. He became concerned that I hadn't buckled up yet, and reminded me to do so. Aww. (I hadn't started the car yet. Setting the caring-about-your-seatbelt example is very important to me!) We drove to my house and he babbled mostly things I couldn't understand, but I asked him some questions about Transformers and he was more than happy to ramble on and on about them.

The neighborhood kids were out playing when we got to my place, and Jack wanted to play with them. Shanon called at that moment, so I turned him loose with the other kids while I talked to her. She said she had had the epidural, but still wasn't dilated much and didn't think anything would happen soon. She was frustrated and missed her son, so she asked me to send a few pictures. While Jack was playing with the neighbor kids, one of them asked him if I was his mom. He said "yep!" :) When there was a lull in the kiddie conversation, Jack broke it by saying "thank you" to no one in particular. The neighbor kids just rolled with it and said "you're welcome!" I got my things and loaded him back in the car. Can I just say that I am a champ at carseat buckling? I rock at it...for someone who doesn't have kids, anyway. I think most moms can do that shit with their hands full and eyes closed while talking on the phone to someone with a thick foreign accent, but as far as ordinary childless plebes go, I'm awesome at carseats.

We walked Sam when we got home, and Jack said "thank you" to all the neighbors that we saw. He also thanked me for picking up Sam's poop, about which he wanted to have an extensive conversation. "How many poops?" "Is it smelly?" "Does he have to go some more?" We walked by two tall plants of some sort, and Jack spoke to them. "Hi Mommy!" he said to the first plant, and then "Hi Daddy!" to the one next to it. "I miss you, Mommy. I miss you, Daddy. Byebye! Thank you!"

Back at home, we did the bedtime thing, and I was texting Shanon throughout asking where things were and how the routine should go. She wasn't always super responsive, but the flow of the conversation was such that I didn't believe much was happening vaginawise. Then there was the following exchange:

M: Do you throw the dirty diapers in the trash or do you have a special receptacle for them?
<<10ish minutes of radio silence>>
S: {picture of a newborn} Just toss the diapers in any trash can. Sloane's here!

It was just so matter-of-fact. Like lalala sippy cups are in the upper left cabinet, Jack will want to sleep with his Optimus Prime toy, diapers in the trash, oh btw I had a baby, help yourself to anything in the fridge...

I read stories with Jack and tucked him in, and he was super cooperative about the whole bath and bed business. Said "thank you" a bunch more times...he's snoozing contentedly now.

So baby Sloane is here, and I will bring Jack to meet her at the hospital tomorrow afternoon. I have a massage appointment at 1, so Shanon arranged a half-day play date for him so that I could keep my appointment. I didn't tell her it was for a massage...just that I had something going on. I feel like an asshole taking time off to get a massage when she's just birthed a human. But I made the appointment a while ago, and dammit I want a massage. And she wouldn't be mad at me or anything, but I know she's in pain and tired and all that so I'm not gonna be like PEACE OUT, HOMIE, TIME TO PAMPER MYSELF. Not out loud, anyway.

I'll be aunt-on-call as long as Shanon is in the hospital, but I'm not sure if Brian is going to stay there another night or not. I may be staying here for another night or two. I'm really excited to take Jack to meet his baby sister. I'm not sure he understands just what is happening. He knows he's getting a new sister named Sloane, and he knows that Sloane was in his mommy's belly, but I'm not sure that he understands that Sloane comes out as an infant. I think the concept is just abstract to him. Anyway tomorrow should be fun, and I'm excited to meet my new niecelet, too.
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Shanon texted me this morning that her mucus plug had come out (ew) and she was having contractions, so she went to the hospital, but they sent her home saying it wasn't labor. How is it not labor if you're having contractions and the thing holding the baby inside you comes out? Actually I have no idea how it all works but if I were 40 weeks pregnant and having contractions, I think I'd call it labor. Anyway she has kept me posted on her uterus activity throughout the day and predicts her daughter will make an appearance by this evening, so she'll go back to the hospital in a little while. I'm going to spend the weekend at her place with Jack and Sam (the dog) while she's busy doing what she's gotta do. I'm so excited! Baby!
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I'm a little irked with myself over how much work I left for myself to do this week. I'm only here Monday and Tuesday, then it's off to Dallas, so it'll all be behind me soon, but I was kind of lazy last week. And of course I'm dealing with it all right now by ignoring it some more so I can write in my blog. What any reasonable adult would do.

I also feel like the weekend was over before it started. In truth, I got a lot done, and had a great time, but I'm used to my four-day weekends, and this time I just had two. Boo hoo.

I ran over to Shanon's on Saturday for a brief visit, and Jack was being super cute. I had lunch with them, and he invited me to sit in his high chair. Then when it was time to go, I said "Bye, sweetie!" and he said "Bye, sweetie!" back to me. That kid can be a real monster, but he also knows how to melt a heart.

Sunday I did my 7 miles on the treadmill at the gym while watching UVA beat Duke for the ACC title. I have mixed feelings about this. UVA looked seriously legit, and a lot of people I love are really happy that they won and got a #1 seed in the tournament, but, ugh, the last thing UVA needs is something else to be elitist about.

I went down to Salem in the afternoon to have my hair cut and repurpled. I told Angie to do whatever she wanted with it, and she went with a very-layered-in-the-back, longer in the front look. If I can reproduce her work well, it looks like a sassy vintage 'do. I'm not sure how well I'll do it, though, and it remains to be seen what it will do when I let it go curly...but I like it :) And I missed the deep purple. It's so nice to have that back. I keep thinking I'd like to try another color sometime, but I just love this purple so much!

Work today, BodyPump tonight, work tomorrow, helping a friend move in the evening, early morning run on Wednesday and then my flight to Dallas. I'm really looking forward to this NABC. I'm only entering two national events, but I have high hopes for both. Trying not to get too cocky about it, though. I don't want to be terribly disappointed when I don't win everything.
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I have ten pages due tomorrow, eleven next Thursday, and then I'll be done with this freelance project. The last few times I've finished an assignment for them, they've asked me to do a few more things in addition. If that happens this time, I have the built-in excuse of China, so I can accept on the condition that the deadline is far away. Even though this assignment has been sucking my will to live, it's good money and I want to keep working with this site. The other stuff I've done for them has been much easier, so I'm optimistic that future assignments won't be as rough as this one. But I'm also hoping for a lull in the work for a while. I need to just relax for a few weeks.

Z's birthday was last week. I reminded my mom about it, and she had Lucy at the time. She told Lucy they were going to the store to pick out a card for his birthday, and she volunteered to make one instead. He opened it yesterday and it made me cry. She had looked up images of Oregon online, then printed one out and traced it so she could make a card in the shape of Oregon. She wrote all sorts of sweet things on it and we were both very touched. I called Mom to tell her we got it and she told me all about how it was Lucy's idea. That made it more special than if she had asked Lucy to make it. She's just such a thoughtful kid. I'm so freaking proud of her.

Jack and Shanon came over yesterday. Jack is getting kind of good at talking. It's really cute when he tries to say "McKenzie." He's got my name figured out :) He's still quite a little psychopath, but I enjoy him. Poor Shanon has her hands full, but she's doing great. I'm really glad they're here in Portland :)
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I'm doing well so far with reducing my DDP intake. I only had one yesterday, and have only had one so far today as well. I wake up with headaches in the morning, which I suspect are withdrawal-related, so I've been having a soda when I wake up and then sometimes another one with a meal later, but not yesterday, and I think I may make it through today without another. I do feel better. I definitely have more energy and feel more motivated to do things. Full disclosure: I am writing this sentence from my bed at 2:30pm. I've been out all day and came home and am feeling pretty well beat. But I give myself permission for that, since I've been pretty constantly on the go ever since I decided it was time to do something about my lethargy issues (a week ago). And I don't feel like this is lethargy. I'm just tired. Anyway.

Yesterday, I went to the bead faire at the convention center. [livejournal.com profile] sillygoosegirl came out to meet me there, and we helped each other do a little shopping :) Everything was wholesale, so I got what I feel are some great deals on some already assembled jewelry (an opal ring in sterling and four pairs of opal studs for $50 all together). I also bought some jewelry displays to help me organize my own stuff in my room, and lastly splurged on some beads that I think are pretty and I would love to use in jewelry that I do not yet know how to make. But I have the supplies from when I was really into jewelrymaking in my early 20's. (Into, but bad at...) But now there are things like YouTube and pinterest and helpful friends who can hopefully direct me.

This morning I went over to Shanon's and ran errands with her and Jack. Jack was really fun today. He was only a little cranky at first, and then we had lots of fun. He has lots of new words, and he loves to repeat, so I had to tone down the pottymouthing, but the cutest exchange was when I said "Holy cow!" to Shanon and he jumped in with "MOO!" Then later we saw a HUGE dog, and he started mooing again. Love that kid.
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It's been busy times lately, so of course a righteous bout of insomnia hit me on the night before my work week began. I was kind of dreading this whole day, knowing I'd be exhausted, but it hasn't been too bad, actually. It's possible I'm a little flakier than usual, but luckily there hasn't been a whole lot going on. No real opportunities for me to drop the ball anyway.

Kelly, Dave, and I hit up the first day of the 2013 Portland Saturday Market this weekend. While we were eating our lunch in a park, a guy came up to us and asked for pennies. Not any other money, just our pennies. I gave him three, and he explained why they were so valuable to him (something about bus fare but I'm pretty sure you're allowed to use quarters to buy bus passes, too, so I didn't really get it), and then told us where he'd be later if we had more pennies to get rid of, or knew someone who would. When he walked away, Dave asked "Were we just in a Portlandia sketch?"

Sunday was my ten mile day, and it actually went quite well. I got up earlyish to get the run out of the way, and also take advantage of the break in the rain so I could do the run outside. It was nice. I had enough on my mind to distract me for stretches of time, and I paced myself well so that I wasn't dying or worrying about getting through it. I always feel a strong sense of empowerment when I get to the turnaround point in these long runs. There's some strong psychology behind the idea of being more than halfway done with something difficult. The first couple of miles after the halfway point have been the easiest for me on all my long runs. The last mile still tends to be a bitch, though. Only 3.1 more miles of distance to add. The race is a month from tomorrow. I'll be glad to have it behind me.

After my run, I basically stayed in bed the rest of the day. It was glorious. I did go to the store, at least. Not the slothiest day I've ever had.

On Monday afternoon, Kelly, Dave, and I went over to Shanon's to hang out for a bit. We helped her rip up all the moss from her back yard -- really fun and destructive, but my back is feeling it still. Jack is super cute, but still a giant crybaby. It'll be nice when he grows out of that. He's getting really close to talking, so I bet it will get better once he's able to communicate what he wants. He kind of said "apple" while we were all eating apples, but it's possible those were just random syllables that came out sounding like "apple" because it made sense to us.

Yesterday was another glorious day of no obligations, so I slept in really late (thus my insomnia, probably). Kelly and Dave spent the whole day packing to leave, so I did my best to ignore that fact, because it makes me sad. I gave them hugs when I left for work this morning, and I expect they're somewhere in Idaho by now. Kelly did leave a bunch of stuff in her room, so I told her she can't have it back until she moves back. Her job is April through October, and Dave's employment picture is still pretty fuzzy, but the expectation is that they'll both be living in Portland by this fall. I'd feel a lot better about it if I knew for sure, though! At least she has to come back for her stuff... It will be sad going home to an empty house tonight, but I'll get through it. I loved living here before Kelly got here, too, after all.

I'm hoping work stays chill for the rest of the day, and then I can go home, watch the Blazers play (east coast game, thank goodness for time zones), and crash really early. Snoozing by 7:30 is the hope...
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I have several stories to share from this weekend, and I'll get to them, but right now I just wanted to come here to say that I love my nieces so much, I can barely handle it.  My Facebook cover photo is a shot from last summer of me holding Bess, and both of us have the biggest smiles possible on our faces, and every time I see it, I just want to reach into the computer and give her all the hugs.  And Lucy and Frankie, too.  And Jack!  Being an aunt is just the best thing ever.  I can't even begin to imagine what a parent's love for their child must feel like, because I never imagined I could love anyone the way I love those little ones.  Not so little anymore, though -- Bess is about to turn 1, Lucy will be 9 in March, and Frankie is 5 in April.  And they're turning into such fascinating people!  I wish Brooklyn and Portland were closer together.  I'm glad Jack is here with me <3
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Good news -- we got the contract on the latest property we offered.  We're still holding onto the contract at Property 1 for a little while, though, because who knows what could happen...but we've both basically already started planning how life will be in Property 2, so I'm hoping we can move swiftly and get in there in the next couple of months. 

In the meantime, I have a lot of company coming through here before I move.  Gail arrives on Saturday, and Tony will be here shortly after that, then perhaps Nate.  So maybe I should try to tidy the place up a bit, huh?  You guys, I am SO BAD at cleaning.  Or keeping things clean.  It's just...I suck.  I don't know.  It's not that I'm lazy...I mean, I certainly am when it comes to housework, but it's more like there's just a complete mental block.  Doesn't help that Z is kind of the same way.  Or maybe it does.  He'd probably want to divorce me if he were a neat freak.  But anyway, Shanon is coming over tomorrow to help me get the place more acceptable for guests, which is nice.  I always move faster when I'm working with someone on chores, and plus I just love having her around so it's win-win.  For me, anyway.  Poor Shanon doesn't know what she's in for.

Jack started crawling a little bit, but mostly he just scoots himself in circles.  Shanon was trying to make him show off when I went over there yesterday, and she was baiting him with toys and snacks, but he wouldn't budge.  Finally when she started wiggling a power cord a few feet from him, he made his move.  Ha!  A sign of things to come?  We'll have to keep a close eye on this one :)  

I think we'll also hit up the Goodwill while they're here.  Not that I need more stuff right before I move...but I do need more stuff!  My jewelry boxes are overflowing (first world problems, right?), so I need some more accessory storage.  This is part of the reason my bathroom gets so cluttered, so having more places to put that shit away will be helpful.  I know Goodwill has tons of stuff like that, too, so that'll be perfect.  The bathrooms in the new place have very little counter space, so I'm thinking of getting a vanity maybe for one of the spare bedrooms and just having all my accessories and whatnot in there.  It's a three bedroom condo, so we have an extra room to play with in addition to master + guest, but I feel like I've already committed it to 15 other purposes.  It'll be my music room!  The seahorse room!  The game room!  My closet!  Sigh...

I guess I should get back to cleaning.  I want to try and deal with as much of this nonsense as I can before Shanon gets here.  I really appreciate that she's going to come help, but at the same time, the guilt of asking for such an unfun favor is quite the motivation to get more done on my own so that it's not her problem.  
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I completed week 2 of the hundred pushups challenge today.  My wrist is holding up well enough.  Some pain, but more the kind of pain that comes from not using it in two years than the kind of pain that means "stop don't do this bad idea bad idea!"  So I'll press forward.

My new computer is nice.  I am pleased.  I got a not-very-bottom-of-the-line Acer Aspire.  It's light and pretty and so far has done all I've asked of it.  

I survived training with Ertan this afternoon after more than a month off.  He still worked me as though I hadn't missed any time, and I was pleased that I was able to keep up, and even bumped up a few of the weights I've been doing.  Huzzah.

I went to Shanon's from there -- it's been too long!  Jack was only a little hesitant at first, but he chilled out pretty quickly.  It just took him a moment to remember me, I guess.  But it was all good from there.  He wouldn't take his eyes off me, and he kept giving me flirty grins.  Shanon said his separation anxiety has been really horrible lately, and she expected him to scream most of the time she was gone until Brian got home from work to relieve me.  I hunkered down for it, and his chin quivered a little when she left, but he never did cry.  He started acting like he was gearing up for a tantrum, and I just started singing to him.  ("Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby" from O, Brother, Where Art Thou?)  He loved it.  He slumped his head down on my chest and went to sleep.  If I stopped singing, he'd wake up, and when I tried to put him down, he fussed, so I just sang that same song over and over for 20 minutes while I held him until Brian got home.  I was proud of myself that I got him to sleep, but most of all it felt really great that he was comfortable enough with me to be okay without his mom.  I love that little guy so much!  He's a handful, but he's a darling.  

I practiced some more on my clarinet when I got home, and now that it's almost dark I'm winding down for the night.  I feel great about today.
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There's this house about two blocks away from where we live now that has long been my prototype house.  It's not for sale, but it's basically been the starting point for everything I look for.  Neighborhood: perfect.  Size: perfect.  Quirk factor: perfect.  I like architectural quirks -- I'd much rather live in a unique home than a cookie-cutter house or condo, but I understand that quirks also hurt resale prospects.  This house has a not-too-quirky quirk.  It's a ranch, but it has a loft addition.  Cute, right?  Anyway, it's perfect.  And I always imagined that if it did go on the market, it would be in our price range.  Do you see where this is going?

It went on the market today!  And it's in our price range!  (Um, okay, maybe not.  It's a little higher than we want to spend, but we still could, in theory, afford it.)  It's a sign from the universe, right?  RIGHT?  Well, maybe.  We're going to look at it on Tuesday.  It turns out there is one major drawback -- it's only got one bathroom.  And with its high price tag, it might be out of the equation after all, but we have to look, of course.  And even if it's not a sign to BUY THIS HOUSE, I do feel like it's a sign of good things to come, anyhow.  Not that I really put a lot of stock in signs.  Heh.  So that's exciting.

After my race yesterday, I was so tired that I came back home and slept for three hours.  I didn't want to be a sloth all day, though, so I ended up taking transit + my bike to a friend's house in Northeast.  He and his fiancee just got a kitten, so I hung out and enjoyed a few hours of kitty snuggles before coming back home and crashing again.  It was my first time riding my bike in Portland proper, and I enjoyed it.  It was also raining a little, and that didn't bother me, which was nice to realize.  

Today I went to the gym and did some weight training, which I've been way too lax about lately.  I used to lift every day in addition to cardio, but now I lift like 1-2 times a week, and that's not enough.  Time to crank that up.  The problem is that when I ride my bike to work, I don't go to the gym, because 21 miles of biking is plenty workout, it's just all cardio.  And when I use the gym at work, I only have time for either a full cardio workout or like 20 minutes of cardio and 10-15 minutes of weights.  I should get more free weights here at home to use on days when I bike.  I have 5's and 10's, but with Ertan, I've graduated to 12's or heavier in every exercise, so working with the lighter ones here wouldn't really help much.  Better than nothing, of course, but I should try to be consistent with the weight levels.  I'm not going to buy 12's and 15's today, though, because I'd have to walk all the way back with them.  I'll wait 'til I have the car again.  Or I could buy one at a time and run back and forth from the store.  Or, you know, wait 'til I have the car again, since I've already worked out today and Z gets home tonight :P

After the gym, I took the train to Shanon's and babysat Jack while she and Brian ran errands.  He gave me a big grin when he first saw me -- I hope it was a grin of recognition and affection, but it's hard to tell with a 7-month-old.  He was really good for me for the first hour...I fed him his lunch and played with him for a bit, but then came the turd of doom.  It was just a regular turd, but it was stinky and I wasn't going to let him just stew in it, so I changed his diaper.  Homeboy does NOT enjoy diaper changes.  I've changed him before, and he always fusses a little bit, but this time he was going nuts.  Once I got him in a clean one and snapped his onesie back on, he chilled for a bit, but then came the meltdown.  They just flew back from DC yesterday, and Jack was all kinds of jetlagged.  He was super tired, but in typical Jack fashion, very opposed to the idea of napping.  I was able to settle him down for brief stints here and there, but for most of the next hour, he just screamed.  Yep.  Definitely sure I don't want kids.  But anyway, he was obviously very tired, and since holding him and bouncing him wasn't helping any, I went ahead and laid him down.  He really didn't want to sleep, but his body overruled him and he started to drift off.  He'd snore a few times, then wake up, scream for a few minutes, then fall back asleep...this repeated for 15 minutes or so until he finally fell all the way asleep.  I love the boy and I'm happy to be there for him, but I don't know why in the world anyone WANTS this life of parenthood.  It's pretty intense.  I enjoy it a few hours at a time, a few days a week :)  He is getting really close to speaking a bit, though.  He makes a lot of sounds, and you can tell he's intentionally vocalizing, but he's still a ways off from actual communication.  Getting there, though.  

So that's my weekend.  Now I'm just decompressing at home.
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How did I not know this book existed?

Shanon had checked it out from the library just for me to read to Jack!  I loved it, and while he didn't seem all that interested, he did sit still long enough for me to get through the whole thing :)  As soon as I got home, I ordered it for my nieces.  They'll know who sent it as soon as it arrives, I'm sure.

I had a great afternoon with Shanon and Jack.  He was SO GOOD today.  He's almost 7 months old, and he's basically been the most difficult baby ever up til now, but today he was angelic.  He was all smiles and giggles and just wanted to play all day.  He gives kisses now (hugs were a new thing last time we hung out), and he gave me lots of them.  He loves me...or he's just a whore...but I think he really does love me.  He smiled really big when I arrived and he saw me for the first time.  Aww.  I love that kid so much!  They're on their way to Virginia tomorrow, so I'm hoping my mom will have a chance to meet Jack -- they're staying about a mile away from my parents' place, so hopefully they'll arrange something.  I also really need to get my parents back out to Oregon.  They've never met Katy, either.  Maybe this fall.  I have a lot of travel coming up now through August, but come September I'll be pretty well settled back at home and working my two jobs.  But I always have time for visitors!


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