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I'm just so sad.

I'm all but guaranteed to lose my healthcare, which will be a hurdle unto itself, but so many people have it so much worse. It's not just that rights will be stripped away; it's that the people who are against civil liberties now feel emboldened to aggressively threaten them, regardless of the law. Several of my friends have already reported abuse against them -- sexual assault, verbal assaults, death threats -- just because they are who they are. Women, trans, gay, POC...

And I think about my nieces. The women of the future. This week, a woman with a top tier resume lost a job to a bully without a tiny a fraction of her qualifications. What does that say about the value of hard work? Penis trumps all.

I've been deeply depressed since Tuesday. I broke out in full body hives yesterday as I read reports of more violence and hate crimes. I can't wait two or four years to turn things around. We must act swiftly to stand up against the bullying, the hate, and the incivility. How, though? The task ahead feels overwhelming. But here we are. Here we go.
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I was super anxious to get the vom smell out of my car, so I actually set an alarm to get up early and start calling detailers as soon as they opened. Unfortunately, the few that are open on weekends were all booked up several days out, and waiting two or three days was just not an option. One of the guys I talked to told me that I probably just needed to treat it with an enzyme cleaner thing -- it's the same stuff they sell in pet stores to get urine smells out. So I went to PetCo and got a couple different kinds, plus some new toys for Cleopatrick, then cleaned the car in the parking lot. Since I was up and out in that neighborhood anyway, I went to my gym and did my running program. 5.3 miles all before breakfast. (I mean, it was after noon by then, but I still hadn't eaten...)

Toby met me after my workout and we came home and made food, then I showered and we headed back out to hit up the Portland Pride Festival. It was really great. Such an atmosphere of love! I bought a t-shirt from a PAC there that says Bill for First Lady. I still love Bernie but I never didn't love Hillary, so I'm happily on board with her campaign now. I just hope Bernie keeps doing his thing in the Senate, and leverages his much bigger fandom to get some more progressive laws through Congress. One can dream. That's kind of why I'm opposed to picking a second-favorite politician as a running mate. Leave the good Senators in the Senate, where they actually have power. The VP is like being the understudy. You could be called up to the #1 job at any time, but most likely, you'll hang out offstage for the duration of your run and not really leave your stamp on the administration in any meaningful way. So as much as I love the idea of a Clinton/Warren or a Clinton/Sanders ticket in theory, the reality is we'd be much better off with a Clinton/somebodyawesomewhoisn'tcurrentlyinapowerfulposition ticket, imo. I'd volunteer for the gig, but I'm not old enough yet. It's funny how at 33, there are still areas where I'm not "of age." (Not counting senior discounts and things of that nature.)

Anyway Pride was great. In addition to my Bill for First Lady shirt, Toby and I both got new kilts. I've been telling him he's going to need one for Falcon Ridge (other than his formal tartan, which would be way too hot there), and it just so happened this place had some femme designs, too, so I got a purple one (of course!) and Toby got a navy blue one. They're kinda like Utili-kilts, but they're Portland-made. Stumptown Kilts. I love mine, and Toby looks just delicious in his. After Pride, we swung by his office to print some things for a craft project I'm working on. He was super helpful with the design aspect. I'll be posting that when I'm finished, hopefully in a few days :)

Came back home, played some board games, ate some foods, and now I'm going to bed at a reasonable hour! Also note that I got out of bed and was active all day long without a nap today. 10am to 10pm. Still a shortish day by most people's standards, but this is HUGE for me. All week prior, I spent an average of about 4 hours a day out of my bed. I wasn't sleeping all the rest of that time, I just wasn't doing anything particularly productive, either. So this is good. Tomorrow will look the same, I think -- up early to do an open house, then Toby and I have a craft project to work on, then off to game night. And Monday is the day I've vowed to start my "get up early and be productive" plan. In that case, early means before 8am instead of before noon. (Tomorrow, being a weekend, early means 10am.)

Night night!
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Two different people canceled plans on me for back to back days -- tonight and tomorrow -- and I couldn't be more relieved. I slept until 3pm today (after a 2-hour foray into the real world at 8am to take Toby to work and then go to a clinic appointment for my drug trial). I did go to the gym tonight, and while I was there, my Wednesday lunch date sent a message canceling. So maybe I'll sleep 'til 3 again tomorrow!

Actually I get that this is not a good thing to do regularly, and I felt pretty shitty about doing it today, even, BUT I obviously needed that recharge, and hopefully one full day of doing almost nothing will be enough. I'm subbing for another trivia night tomorrow, then have my regular gig on Thursday, and Pride activities planned for this weekend, so I won't be a total hermit much longer anyway.

Yesterday I talked to my therapist about momentum. I've been feeling great and doing really well in most things lately, but I fear what comes after I reach some goals. One goal that's really kept me pushing hard is the Couch to 10K program I've been doing. I'm finishing up the 11th week of that now, and I'm regularly running 5+ miles 3x per week now. It's good for me to push this hard and build back to 10K form, but my body is letting me know that this has to be a hard boundary for now. The 15-mile weeks are really hurting my feet and back, and until I get more recovered there, I can't add more mileage. I'm going to need to back down from this mileage, too. And anyway just keeping going at goal isn't as exciting. I don't see myself making progress. I need another thing that I can gradually build on and watch my fitness improve. That will not be adding miles to my runs. So...what to do? I'm thinking maybe speed workouts? Maybe even hire a running coach for a little added accountability? My gym membership is about to become free (Toby's office is picking it up for both of us, yay progressive benefits for domestic partners!), so putting that money toward a coach could be a nice thing to do for myself...but I'm open to suggestions. The 100 pushup program was good and I should definitely give that another go...but that's not enough of a workout to be my main thing on the days that I do it. Any good cardio suggestions? Maaaaybe swimming, but swimming at my gym is such a pain because of all the extra gear you have to manage, and taking a wet swimsuit home in a gym bag...meh. But it is an option I'm willing to consider. More likely in conjunction with other types of cardio rather than something I'd have to do 3x a week or something. We'll see.

I have a lot of feelings about Orlando, too. Actually I think that's where my fatigue comes from right now. Just all the things I'm seeing people say in defense of guns, in opposition of Muslims, pro-hate, anti-gay, etc. It's just exhausting. The gun debate is exhausting. A room full of kindergartners wasn't enough to move the ammosexuals -- what will be? I fear that every fucking person in the US will have to die by gun violence before there's a change. I know some of my friends here have guns and value their right to them. (I'm 100% anti-gun personally, but that's not something I'm fighting for politically. I'm mostly okay with responsible people owning guns. I'm not coming to take anyone's guns and I'm not advocating that the government do that, either.) But there's so much space between being able to own a gun, and being able to get a semi-automatic weapon without a background check in a matter of minutes. I don't get why the other side of this issue is so unwilling to budge. Why people who insist that their own gun ownership is responsible and legal want it to be so easy for people who are not responsible to get guns. I don't get why this is political at all. But the debate rages, with neither side giving an inch. And it's fucking exhausting. When will reason get through? I'm tagging this post under politics, because that's the existing tag that best fits, but goddammit, why is this even a political issue?! Massacre is bad -- we agree on that, right? Ugh. The latest massacre makes me sad. What makes me saddest is that it's not yielding any change. 
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A friend just shared a video of Obama's response to a question about the Democrats' "attack" on gun rights. It's a really beautiful response and I encourage everyone to listen to what he says. But what cracked me up is that my friend shared it with the comment "I could not have said this better myself." Well, of course you fucking couldn't. He's only the best orator of our lifetime. Lolz.
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My dad's not very talkative, ever. So you'd think when he did have something to say, it might be extra meaningful or poignant. Well...

"I was trying to push a button on my iPad, and it wasn't working, so I called the guy and I told him it wasn't working and I asked if I was pushing the right button and he said yes, that's the right button. He told me to try pushing it again and I did and it worked that time."

Not quite the same kind of epic as the tale of returning the pair of pants without the receipt, or the one about putting the wrong stickers on the license plates, but it's up there.

He also said that he agrees with some of Bernie's ideas. He's not voting for him...but the fact that he could even admit to agreeing with him was mindboggling. (This comment on the same day as a few other unsolicited opinions about "the blacks" and "the gays," who just stir up controversy as hobby, you know.) My dad frustrates the hell out of me...but I love him, and I'm glad he's my pop.

And today he turns 75. They grow up so fast...

Happy birthday, Daddy :)
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I'm in a community on Facebook called I Run 4 Michael. It matches runners up with special needs individuals (mostly kids) and we dedicate all our runs to our buddies. It's a really special group, and I love my buddy, Emma. There are tens of thousands of members in the group, and a lot of them are incredibly religious. There are constant calls for prayer and discussions about god and angels on the group, and whenever a child dies (pretty frequent, given some of their special needs), the whole thread gets crazy religious. It's...not my thing.

I understand how faith can be especially important to people who have terminally ill children. They want to believe there's a reason, and that they'll be reunited with their children again one day. Shit, I wish I could believe that, too. So I get it. I'm used to these folks being really religious and that in itself is not a problem.

The groups is non-political, of course. It's 100% about supporting our buddies. But when someone posts about a death (they ALWAYS say "X gained his/her angel wings today"), I always click through to the poster's profile to read what they've said publicly about their relationship with the deceased. Many of them had facebook pages dedicated to their child's struggles with daily updates, and I like to read stuff like that when it's available. It's really sad, but I also feel like I'm kind of getting to know the child who died, maybe? Or maybe it's just pure curiosity. But it's a thing that I do.

Today, one of the buddies that I see a lot of in the group passed away. His mother always posted updates to the whole group and he was one of the ones that everyone knew. He was an older man with Down's, but I didn't realize he was dying. So anyway I clicked through to the mom's profile to see more, and boom...racist, hyper-religious, right-wing bullshit everywhere. White supremacy, guns, Donald Trump, and her very misguided idea of what Jesus is all about.

And I just...ugh.

I can't feel for this woman now. I know her pain is terrible, but I also know now that she's not empathetic to the struggles of others. She's even doing what she can to KEEP them down. I feel for her son. I am sorry for her pain. But I can't believe that raising a child with special needs wasn't enough to teach her some god damn empathy for the rest of the human race.
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I had an abortion.

I am not a murderer. I don't believe the fetus I aborted was a human. Sure, it was life, but so is an amoeba. I'm not in favor of mass amoeba killing just for sport, but if you have a reason to kill an amoeba, like you're walking and you just didn't see it there, well, that's okay.

If you believe my abortion was murder, that is your right. We have different beliefs on what it means to take a life.

But I'm a pacifist. I'm anti-gun. I'm anti-war. I'm anti-violence. Anti-death penalty. And I'm a vegetarian. I don't kill individuals -- human or not -- that can feel pain, and I don't support anyone else doing that, either.

A stranger called me a murderer today. A stranger who is pro-gun, pro-war, pro-death penalty, and pro-killing-animals-to-eat-them, thinks that the fetus I aborted was a life and I deserve to rot in hell for ending it. But she's in favor of activities and policies that kill people who walk this earth. And animals. I understand if you don't think animals = people. I think a lot of the animals we eat are a lot smarter than most infant humans, and certainly moreso than fetal humans. But anyway, I think we can all agree that a human being who walks the earth is definitely alive. A person. But you call it un-American to not support our violent efforts against others, and will talk yourself blue in the face over the idea that terminating an unintended pregnancy is murder? That's where you are WRONG.

If a vegetarian pacifist anti-death penalty pro-lifer wants to call me a murderer, that's fine. Their beliefs line up. I still disagree, but they have integrity anyway. But unless you are all those things, calling me a murderer is disingenuous at best. And kind of rude, don't you think?. 
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I have to say, I'm really pleased with my involvement in this thread.

A friend posted a pro-body-autonomy thing...that's what started this.

One thing that really irks me, though, is that I'm arguing coolly and calmly. But the others suggest that I'm "yelling" at them or "being accusatory." While they call me a murderer. Wow.

Also, the guy who says he's not going to argue anymore because he knows he won't change my mind -- I actually have faith in logic! I believe the things I believe for GOOD REASONS, and I believe that SAYING THOSE REASONS OUT LOUD is good for the overall dialogue, and very damn well can change minds.


Sorry if that's hard to follow -- LJ wouldn't let me post it without converting it to plain text.

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I realize that I'm a super-lefty liberal, and a lot of my ideas are unpopular and unappealing to folks more on the right of the political spectrum. But I feel like my beliefs and values are all backed by pretty hard facts, and any intellectual would at the very least respect these things, if not agree with them.

So I have to wonder if the things I say ever make republicans forehead-slap as hard as the things I hear some of my relatives say. Overheard today:

"He may not think of himself as a Muslim, but he sure acts like one." (Okay, sure, in that 99% of Muslims live their daily lives pretty much just like you do, except with darker skin. In that regard, Obama is like a Muslim.)

"Pretty soon people will be able to marry their cats!" (After two failed "traditional" marriages, I can see how a cat would be a good life partner.)

And one of my most outspoken, kookiest-idea-having relatives isn't even here yet.

After hearing those two gems, I removed myself to a room where I could no longer overhear the conversation between my dad and uncle. I found my mom and my aunt in another room, and told them what I'd overheard, while rolling my eyes. My mom shrugged it off because we're all used to it so what is there to say? But I told her "Please tell me you're not voting for Donald Trump. Just promise me that much."

"No I'm not voting for him!" (Phew!) "The one I agree with the most is Ben Carson." (How is this my family?)

At least my aunt feels the Bern.
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I have some things to say about the Ray Rice/NFL story. Don't really know where to put these thoughts, so I'll put them here.

There is a big to-do over all the various facts and theories involved in this case. For those not following, here's a drive-by roundup:

Early this year, video emerged of Ravens player Ray Rice dragging his unconscious girlfriend out of an elevator, and it soon came out that she was unconscious because he hit her inside the elevator. The NFL handed down a 2-game suspension, which was met with outrage over the leniency of such. The league since instituted much harsher penalty for domestic violence. Shortly after this new policy was announced, the video from inside the elevator went public via TMZ. That's the video where you can actually see Rice hitting his girlfriend (now wife). The NFL suspended him indefinitely and the Ravens released him. His endorsement deals were dropped and a new scandal ensued -- the NFL claimed not to have seen the video of the actual assault until now. Anonymous sources say that's a lie and part of a coverup. Controversy escalates, and that's where we are now.

My thinking is, what the fuck does it matter if the NFL saw the elevator video before or not? Everyone knew what had happened. Rice admitted hitting her and knocking her out. The video isn't some smoking gun -- it's merely confirmation of what everyone already knew. So why take further action now, as if this is some kind of major twist?

I'm not saying the league should have just stuck with the two-game suspension and moved on -- I am fully encamped with those who say that was way too lenient. But what I am saying is this video should not be the game-changer here. It didn't change anything. It's not a surprise, it's not new news, it's not proof of something anyone was denying. But now the NFL has this huge PR crisis over a coverup, and I just don't understand why they would have covered this up anyway. Whether anyone saw that video before or not (and I believe they did, fwiw) DOES NOT MATTER. The facts of the incident are the same. Domestic violence isn't somehow less awful if we just don't see it. Fuck that attitude. Shame on anyone who thinks this video makes it "worse." It is what it is and always has been, and it's been awful from the start. 
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I posted this status on my own Facebook yesterday, and it led to a more or less reasonable discussion. Then a friend shared it on his own wall, and this happened:
(LJ says the post is too large, so I had to paste it into notepad and just copy the words...head on over to FB if you'd prefer a cleaner version)


So many comments I'm holding back. It's not worth engaging folks like this. But I so want to reply to her and comment on her half a brain -- and not an ounce more, clearly.
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I woke up this morning feeling fine. Then I got to work and my left eye was suddenly all blurry. It didn't go away and there was nothing in it, so I posted to Facebook, and everyone was like "that could be serious, get it checked out." I called a vision clinic near my office, described the condition, and the woman scheduled me an immediate appointment, saying "we do NOT take this kind of thing lightly." So I was freaked out and glad I made an appointment.
Turns out it's no big deal. I likely have an ocular migraine, which will go away on its own and may or may not be the precursor to a migraine headache (let's hope not). But no detached retina, no neurological bullshit, "just" a migraine. So that's good.
And then I go to pay for my 20 minute appointment...the doctor looked at me for about 5 minutes total, and they did use some fancy equipment to photograph the inside of my eye, but other than the wipe they used on the camera stand thingy where I rested my chin, my visit didn't cost them any one-time-use supplies or anything like that. I'd guess my actual cost to the office was somewhere in the neighborhood of a dollar, and then whatever five minutes of the doctor's time costs. My bill was $200, which was a discounted rate because I don't have insurance and paid out of pocket.
Then I posted this on Facebook, to follow up to my earlier post:
Just paid $200 (that's the DISCOUNTED rate for people who don't have insurance, sigh) to be told "it's nothing serious, but you may get a migraine headache." That bill is giving me a migraine  Can we please have socialized health care now?

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  • Michael Lane Who do you want to pay for your appointment?

  • Meg Massie Myers I want it to work the same way many other public services and institutions are socialized. We all pay our share for everyone to have use -- I pay taxes that go toward plenty of things I don't use, or don't use my "share" of. However, health care seems as fundamentally important to me as things like education, roads, law enforcement. It's despicable that I CAN'T get coverage, even in the current system. I would pay for insurance if I could get it, but no one will approve me because of my depression, or maybe it's that time I broke my foot. I want public health care. I would settle for ANY.

  • Leanne Inge Last month I had to have a whole slew of labs run---the bill totaled $800. I about had a heart attack until I realized that the lab had run it through an old insurance company. When I got the new bill the total was $45. I haven't even come close to meeting my deductible for the year so my insurance company didn't pay a penny to cover the difference--it was all in the insurance companies negotiated price. Perhaps Meg is suggesting that we need our collected group leverage to make up this HUGE difference in health care expenses.
    9 minutes ago · Like

    Mike Lane is a former bridge partner from Charlottesville, and a card carrying Republican, so yeah, okay, he's anti-public health care. He can also afford whatever the fuck he wants because he's a gazillionaire and will never have to worry about where the money will be in an emergency. The girl who "liked" his comment is some girl I know from high school, who never posts political things and I know nothing of her politics, except that apparently she thinks, like Mike, that public healthcare is some sort of welfare request.

    This attitude is so frustrating and upsetting to me. No one should have to choose between staying healthy and staying housed. People in countries with socialized health care are overwhelmingly happy with it. I haven't heard any stories of people who are destitute as a result of the taxes they pay toward health care programs, whereas here, people die ALL THE TIME from treatable maladies because the treatment is too expensive for them. Hospitals turn people away when they can't pay for their treatment. The fear of paying taxes is KILLING people. And my guess is that for a lot of people, the tax won't even be as much as their current premiums.

    Now let's just pretend that public health care is never going to happen and we'll always have the private insurance system that we've got. Fine. I'd fucking pay for it if I could. It's not a matter of affordability in my case -- I cannot fucking get coverage. I have applied to every program I can, and I have been flat-out rejected for coverage. Not, you can have coverage if you pay us $5000/month (which, no, I can't afford), but just straight up "we're not going to cover you. Tough titties." I'm fucking willing to pay for the coverage, be it through taxes or private insurance. But I can't get it at all in our current system and that is not OK.

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I should have taken a selfie yesterday. I looked so much like my mom...and I liked it. I was wearing a dress that she bought for me, so it was naturally her style, and then I had my hair up exactly the way that she used to wear hers when it was long. When I caught a reflection of myself in the window, I was sitting and looking almost exactly the way she looks in a picture from 1969. It's in William's baby album, so that's how I know the year. There are a lot of ways I'm not ever going to be like my mom, but I really saw her in my reflection at that moment, and it was a warm feeling.

Those photo albums at my parents' house are some of my favorite family artifacts. After all, in those days you took 24 pictures, paid ten bucks to get them developed, and saw the results a week later. The ritual of taking, developing, saving, and revisiting those photos is something that is all but gone from our culture now. I wonder if my nieces will go through albums on Facebook the way I go through those tomes at my folks' place. I'm guessing no. But they will have basically every moment of their lives recorded electronically. And that will be their normal. The thought that the government is monitoring them will be just an absolute "duh."

Part of me understands the outrage over it, but the other part of me is just like so? I'm pretty vain, but even I don't consider myself interesting enough for some spy to monitor all the time. And if they are? Neat. I've always enjoyed being the center of attention. I hope they like fart humor. Basically technology is at a point now where the amazing is the expected, and the capabilities of those most knowledgeable and powerful are well beyond my own imagination. So I can be all indignant about my privacy rights and spend my time pissed off and frustrated about it, or I can live my life. Post on LiveJournal and Facebook and participate in the virtual universe in ways that are truly fulfilling and entertaining...and if there's some CIA dude out there wanking to the stories I tell, well, then, that affects me how? I just don't care. I do believe individuals can effect great change and that we should all stand up for the things we believe in (ie, the paradigm shift we are creating right now in America with regard to gay rights). I just don't give enough of a shit about the whole privacy stuff. Maybe because I've been active on the internet since I was in elementary school, I'm just conditioned this way. But I just think there are more important (and more winnable) battles to fight.
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I just feel like voicing my gripes to an actual audience instead of just yelling at my radio, so I figure this is a good place.  This morning, NPR was all over the women in combat issue.  Now that the ban is being lifted, there are all sorts of issues, apparently.

One of the lead-ins was like "Can you believe that it took women 65 years to get the same rights that black people have in the military?  And they're a year behind gays?!"  I get that the point is "Wow! Women are really discriminated against!" but the way that struck me was that it's totally normal to discriminate against blacks and gays but how old-fashioned are we that it took so long to come around on women?!  I mean...come on.  

Then they interviewed an infantryman who thinks it's going to be terrible to have women in his unit because those guys are used to life around just guys, where they behave very badly, apparently.  Damn those bitches ruining all your chauvenist fun!  Don't worry, I doubt the mere presence of estrogen in the room will make you any less of a douchebag.

Next they were talking about how there will likely be some exceptions, like Navy SEALS, for instance, because those jobs are just too strenuous for women.  Seriously, wtf is the point of lifting the ban then?  Let a person's capabilities be judged on an individual basis, for fuck's sake!  It's true that most women may not be physically capable of doing certain jobs.  But why bar them from trying?  It's not like lifting the ban on women in combat means you suddenly have to lower every requirement -- keep the requirements the same, but let everyone have the same shot at achieving whatever their goals may be.  There are plenty of dudes who can't cut it, but they get weeded out by sucking, not because of their genitalia.  Those who can't cut it (in ANY field) should be eliminated the same way anyone else would be -- objective evaluation of skill and potential. 

All that said, I'm still a pacifist and wish there were no militaries...but I still get all riled up about the horribly flawed logic surrounding this story.  From the pros and cons to even the "neutral" reporters...there's just so much about it that makes me scream at the radio.
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I am incredibly sleepy.

The past four days, I spent probably more than 50% of my time asleep.  It was beautiful.  Long mid-day naps did nothing to impair my nighttime slumber.  And even with all that snoozing, it was incredibly difficult for me to get out of bed and come to work today.  I just want to hibernate. 

I don't feel too sick anymore.  I have a lingering cough and a slightly runny nose, but nothing that really bugs me.  I hope the sleepiness is just another symptom and not something that's going to be a bigger problem.  I won't have a lot of opportunity to catch extra Z's for at least the next week.  Tonight I'm going to the Blazer game with my father-in-law, then there's a local bridge tournament this weekend.  I'm also back on plan with my running, which means a 3 mile run today at lunch, 4 miles tomorrow, 3 on Friday, and 6 on Sunday.  Erg.  Typing that out just made me even more tired.  4 miles on a lunch break is going to be a bitch.  But that's tomorrow's monster. 

NPR quoted Wayne LaPierre (the NRA dude) this morning attacking Obama for saying we shouldn't be absolutists in his inaugural speech.  The quote was something along the lines of "language IS absolute, words DO have absolute meanings, and that's the basis for all government and civilization."  Pretty bold claim from an organization that ignores the first line of the amendment they claim justifies their existence.  Fine, Mr. LaPierre, let's be absolutists about the meaning of "well-regulated militia."  It's so frustrating to me that the level of public discourse is such that a person can more or less get away with claims like this in a national debate.  I just don't have much faith in other humans.
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A few days ago, I got the details on my friend Geoff's death.  He had been in the hospital with diabetes complications.  He had been in the ICU and needed to stay there...but he didn't have health insurance, and so he was discharged.  He died as soon as he got home.  Geoff had a good job and good income, but his diabetes precluded him from health coverage, and his lack of coverage kept him from getting the care that could have saved his life.  

I also can't get health insurance.  It's just plain not available to me.  Because I have been diagnosed with depression, no policy will cover me.  They won't even take me on with the exception that my depression is a pre-existing and therefore not covered condition.  The Affordable Health Care Act doesn't fully take effect until 2014, assuming the righties in government don't get their way and overturn it before then.  These changes cannot come soon enough.  I can afford my depression meds and the occasional therapy visit.  I would not be able to afford something else -- a broken bone or other injury, some kind of illness that requires a doctor's visit and expensive prescriptions, or FSM forbid something even more serious.  For now, I am lucky that I am able to afford the healthcare I need.  But I don't have the security of knowing I'll be okay if I ever need more, and I have the gut wrenching agony of knowing my friend is gone because of the greed in the American healthcare system.  You don't have to be a socialist to see that there's a huge problem with health insurance as big business.  Treatable illnesses are death sentences to too many people in this country, all because insurance is too hard to get, and hospitals are run for profit.  My depression went untreated for as long as it did because I knew as soon as I mentioned it to a doctor, that would be the end of my insurance eligibility, and it was.  First my premiums shot through the roof and then I just plain couldn't get coverage.  This system literally kills people.

If this were the only issue I agreed with Obama on, it would be enough to get me to vote for him.  But I also believe that women should make equal pay for equal work.  I believe consenting adults should be allowed to marry and have families with the partners of their choosing, and those families should have the same legal protections as every XX + XY household has.  I think all people deserve education, and that government should never, ever try to stifle science (climate change, evolution, stem cell research, sex education...).  

I think that no matter which way the electoral votes add up, it is depressing that around half the voting population disagrees with me on the above issues.  I can sort of understand if you are in the miniscule sliver of the population that gets rich off of the right-wing policies (AND you have very little conscience or empathy for others), but I really and truly do not see the benefit, personally or society-wide, to supporting the right's agenda.  To stifling human rights, access to education and health care, and to promoting war...it just doesn't make sense to me, and it makes me sad that it makes sense to anyone.
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My niece Lucy is 8, and she is awesome.

Lucy:  I like studying interesting things.
Adrian:  Like what?
Lucy:  I love the presidents.
Meg:  Which presidents?
Lucy:  Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Madison...
Meg:  Do you love Barack Obama?
Lucy:  Yes!
Meg:  Do you love George Bush?
Lucy:  Ugh, no!
((Dad hangs his head and leaves the room to go watch Fox News in the other room.))
Meg:  Good answer!  

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One of the headlines in today's news is about how many of Rush Limbaugh's sponsors are abandoning him in the wake of his recent scandal. His apology, clearly crafted by his lawyers and quite certainly insincere, seems to have little effect on the buzz.  Anyway, here's my thing -- I'm glad that he's losing corporate support over his latest bullshit fountain, but also, who do those sponsors think they're fooling?  Yeah, he crossed a MAJOR line, but this particular set of words is not exactly out of line with anything else he's ever said.  He's always espoused the same "values" -- it's not like the sponsors are only just now realizing what a complete piece of shit he is and stepping down at the first sign of his questionable content.  Like, fuck you, Limbaugh sponsors.  It's always been clear what Rush is and what he stands for, and if you ever supported him before, it's clear that you stand for everything that makes my stomach turn.  Yeah, it's right to withdraw your support, but you were already guilty when you gave it to him in the first place.  This saves no more face than Rush's own badly scripted "apology."


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