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One more day between me and Falcon Ridge. And since I'm such an expert procrastinator, I have a buttload of stuff to do. So even though my flight is at 6am, I'll probably be up late tonight doing laundry and packing and shopping and all that. Oh well. I'll sleep on the plane and have a rollicking good time when I get there so it's all good.

I was going to wake up at 4:50 today and go for another early morning run, but I decided against that when I didn't get to bed until 11 last night. It was my MIL's birthday and I was down in Salem anyway to get my hair done, so I took her out to dinner and ended up staying down there until much later than I'd intended to. It was a nice time, though. No regrets. Just sleepiness.

I had intended to get the blonde streak in front widened a little bit, but the dye we used ended up bleeding into it and it only made sense to just purple it all up. I'm pleased with the outcome, though. This is definitely the brightest it's ever been.


My hair is starting to get a little angry with me for all the treatments I've been giving it, though, so this may be my last hurrah with color for a while. We'll see. I have decided I'm growing it out for a while, but I may get bored or find that it's too damaged and need to cut it anyway. I kind of hate this medium length -- when it's really long or really short, it's SO EASY. I can just wash it and let it dry naturally and it curls all wildly but it looks good. When I let it do that at this length, it just looks like I've been in a fight or something. But as long as I straighten it, it looks good. That just takes so much tiiiiiime.

Speaking of time... It's crazy how things that used to seem FOREVER away are upon us now. I feel like I've been saying "my parents have been married for almost 50 years" for my entire adult life -- and now we're actually going on a trip to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Falcon Ridge always feels like it's infinitely far in the future, yet it manages to roll around each year. By the end of the week, it feels like it flew by. I'm leaving for these trips in the morning. There are other ways that time is dragging right now, though, and will likely continue to do so for a while. But even these stretches will one day be past. In a lot of ways, I feel like I am likely to look back on 2014 as the longest year of my life. I started the year training for a half marathon, which is enough to make anyone's life drag a bit, and then when I met that goal, the rest of my life was well into upheaval, and the fallout from that continues. I'm dealing with it reasonably well, but there are still so many questions. It's difficult to face the future with as much uncertainty as I have. McKenzie and I are talking a lot about career advancement for the both of us, and what that means for our marriage (it's good! exciting!), but at the same time, are we staying married? It feels like yes, but we are both all too aware that no is a possibility, too. We are making a lot of future plans for a future we don't know we'll share. I think and I hope that we will, but it's so strange that this caveat is at the front of all these ideas. But the point is, it feels like it's taking forever -- and I bet one day it will be a distant memory. I can't even begin to imagine what that future version of myself is doing.


Jun. 15th, 2014 06:01 pm
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I really need to be in sunlight for the purple to pop, and it's rainy out now, so indoor lighting is the best I can do. But I love it.
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I'm about to go to Salem to repurple my hair. I had some reservations about this with regard to my real estate career, but everyone I've talked to says the most important thing is that you're comfortable with your appearance. I'm definitely most comfortable when I'm purple, so here we go again :) I may mix it up a little bit this time, though. As the purple from last time fades, it leaves the bleached out strands behind, so I have a lot of blond highlights right now. McKenzie really likes this look, and requests that I try a little bit of blond this time around, so if my stylist will do it, I'll be some blond, some purple. I don't really ever give her specific instructions. I just trust her to do whatever she wants and that it'll look awesome. She hasn't let me down yet.

Pictures to follow.
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I'm a little irked with myself over how much work I left for myself to do this week. I'm only here Monday and Tuesday, then it's off to Dallas, so it'll all be behind me soon, but I was kind of lazy last week. And of course I'm dealing with it all right now by ignoring it some more so I can write in my blog. What any reasonable adult would do.

I also feel like the weekend was over before it started. In truth, I got a lot done, and had a great time, but I'm used to my four-day weekends, and this time I just had two. Boo hoo.

I ran over to Shanon's on Saturday for a brief visit, and Jack was being super cute. I had lunch with them, and he invited me to sit in his high chair. Then when it was time to go, I said "Bye, sweetie!" and he said "Bye, sweetie!" back to me. That kid can be a real monster, but he also knows how to melt a heart.

Sunday I did my 7 miles on the treadmill at the gym while watching UVA beat Duke for the ACC title. I have mixed feelings about this. UVA looked seriously legit, and a lot of people I love are really happy that they won and got a #1 seed in the tournament, but, ugh, the last thing UVA needs is something else to be elitist about.

I went down to Salem in the afternoon to have my hair cut and repurpled. I told Angie to do whatever she wanted with it, and she went with a very-layered-in-the-back, longer in the front look. If I can reproduce her work well, it looks like a sassy vintage 'do. I'm not sure how well I'll do it, though, and it remains to be seen what it will do when I let it go curly...but I like it :) And I missed the deep purple. It's so nice to have that back. I keep thinking I'd like to try another color sometime, but I just love this purple so much!

Work today, BodyPump tonight, work tomorrow, helping a friend move in the evening, early morning run on Wednesday and then my flight to Dallas. I'm really looking forward to this NABC. I'm only entering two national events, but I have high hopes for both. Trying not to get too cocky about it, though. I don't want to be terribly disappointed when I don't win everything.
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One of my coworkers is married to a hairstylist. She's the one who did the Brazilian relaxing treatment on my hair back in April. I recently traded them some of my airline miles in exchange for more hair stuff, and I cashed in yesterday with my first ever dye job. I have naturally black hair, and I love my color too much to bleach it for some cheap dye job, and I'm too cheap for an expensive one, so I've never colored my hair before. But my friend Cristal had amazing purple highlights last year, and she has naturally black hair also, so I've been coveting that style for a while now. I told Angie, my stylist friend, that I wanted purple highlights. I gave no further direction, and here's how that went:

pictures )
I totally love it. The color is permanent, but will grow out and fade with time, so I'll get it touched up again in a few months. I may keep it this way for a while. I think the contrast is great with my black hair. In some lights, it's very vibrant -- doesn't really come through on these photographs, though. But mostly it's just subtle, like maybe someone is shining a purple light at my head. I guess that's why they're called highlights.

Call me Jo.

Jul. 8th, 2013 01:31 pm
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I've explained before that I am named after my mom's two favorite literary characters, Meg and Beth from Little Women. I've always identified with this story very much, but really I'm much more like the other two girls, Jo and Amy. Jo, the tomboyish writer and adventurer, Amy the vain flirt and world traveler. I'm ashamed that I remember the movie clearer than the book (which I promise I've read many times!), but I'm sure this scene is in both. But the way it's done in the movie is so perfect...anyway, the family needs money for their mother to travel to be with her ailing husband in a military hospital in Washington, so Jo sells her hair. When she reveals to her sisters what she's done, they gasp, and tactless Amy laments "Your one true beauty!" It's a very emotional scene, cut with that priceless humor.

I feel like my hair has always been my one true beauty, as well. I know it's my best feature by far, and regardless of how I feel about the rest of my appearance, I've always felt pretty great about my hair.

And now I'm thinking of shaving it.

Everyone I've mentioned this to thinks it's a terrible idea, and there's not even any money in it for a train ticket to DC or anything, so why would I do this? Well. A fellow Shantytowner was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is going through chemo. He is going to try to attend the festival this year, but still doesn't know for sure if he can, because...cancer. His first year was my first year, and I've become close with his entire family. His wife, brother, and daughter have attended most years as well. He had an older daughter who died of cancer at age 9 before his other daughter was born. This family has had enough of this shit. They don't need any more.

Before the bombshell dropped, I'd already arranged for his teenage daughter to cut my hair this year at the fest. She's not a stylist, but she cut Nate's hair a few years ago and it was a success...and if she fucks it up, whatever, I can go to a salon when I get back. I was just going to let her do whatever she wants with it, because I'm indecisive and don't really care; I just want it shorter. But now I'm thinking maybe I'll shave it. Because, fuck cancer. I have wigs. It'll probably grow back. Why not? Okay, plenty of reasons why not. But it's something I'm considering anyway. The folks I've mentioned it to have pretty much been 100% on the side of "fuck no, don't do that," and maybe Stu wouldn't even want me to. But it's true that shit like this puts everything else in perspective. I mean, fuck. It's just hair. I know shaving it won't cure anything. I know we don't really need to do anything to raise awareness. People are plenty aware. I also know I don't need to do anything drastic for my friend to know that I love him. All that said, it just feels like something I want to do. But I still don't know. We'll see.
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For most of my life, I have had the thickest hair of anyone I knew. Hairdressers always made this comment, too. My hair has been exceptionally thick. That has made it a HUGE FUCKING PAIN, but I still like having exceptional hair. It's a major part of my identity. But it seems I'm losing it. I have always been a huge shedder, but for the past few months, maybe longer, the shedding has really increased to the point of whoa. The women in my family have all experienced thinning hair, so I guess that's just what's going on here, and I won't really go bald or anything, but even though I know it's in my DNA, it's still shocking. I have precisely zero pictures of myself where my hair is not either up or straightened (I basically always straighten it if I'm going to wear it down, but that's not to say I straighten it so much that I think that's damaging it...I usually wear it up. Straighten maybe once or twice a month, never blow dry), but here is a selfie I just took in the bathroom at work. My hair is still a little damp, so when it's dry it will have a bit more volume, but:

ETA: Something is up with LJ. The above pic is distorted. I am not that squat. But anyhow you get the idea. I wash my hair approximately twice a week. I started this practice of infrequent washing when I started straightening my hair regularly, because it stays straight as long as I don't wash it. It turned out my hair felt and looked a lot healthier with such practices, so I've kept up the infrequent washing for a few years now. I washed it this morning, and here's the wall of my shower after one wash:

See how much comes out all together? It's like whole locks! Whether I've washed it recently or not, I'll pull out several strands each time I just run my fingers through my hair lightly. Even back when I had the THICKEST HAIR EVAR, this wasn't terribly uncommon, but it would be less hair then, and the strands were usually broken. The ones that come out now come out in groups, and I don't feel them breaking. The hair that I have seems really healthy. It's just falling out at an alarming rate. It's still pretty thick, and maybe cutting it shorter would reduce the shedding -- at least the hair I lose wouldn't be as long and thus so visually striking. But I don't know. I would like to halt or reverse this trend. Suggestions welcome.


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